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So till now, we have the Salesforce Architecture. Due to its simple and high efficient architecture, this salesforce products has launched many products. Moreover, these products belonged to the different departments. So now let us discuss each of them in detailed

Besides, this salesforce cloud is using many departments. Now let us discuss the various industries that use salesforce

Sales Cloud :

This brings all the customer information together in an integrated platform. It includes various features like marketing, sales, the lead generation that help to achieve your business goals. It helps organizations to negotiate the deals the faster, managing the customer and then closing the deals. Moreover, through this, you can get the business insights that can help you to make the data-driven decisions. Besides, this enables the organizations in managing various tasks like Contact management, Opportunity Management, Lead Management, Sales collaboration, E-mail integration, etc.

Service Cloud:

As the name suggests this cloud takes cares of the task that relates to the customer service and the support team. This cloud is responsible for managing various services such as call center, Knowledge base, Live Conversation, assistance with products to the customers. Moreover,  its primary motive is to satisfy the products and services of an organization. Besides, this has equipped with various services like Lightning console, Live messaging, Omni routing, Social Customer Service, etc.

Marketing cloud :

This helps in navigating the customer journey on a single platform. Besides, it provides insights into the marketing conditions and supports the team in delivering the right service to the right customer at the right time.  Moreover,  it can automate marketing tasks and creates a marketing campaign to enhance user engagement. Additionally, it enhances the new customer acquisition. This gives the data of the inactive customers and helps them to convert into active customers through different strategies. Additionally, this helps in creating the landing pages.

SalesForce commerce Cloud:

This is beneficial to provide a better experience to the customers. Besides, it creates a space for data integration, so that it generates a personal feed to engage with the customers. Moreover, it accelerates the business through online presence and helps in generating revenue in the digital world. Besides, with this, we can create an efficient responsive front end design. It includes several online Management activities such as campaign content management, product pricing, catalog management, etc. And these factors improve the quality of the website.

Salesforce Community Cloud :

This cloud is beneficial to connect with your employees, partners. Besides if there is a requirement for the social platform to pass information on a timely basis, this will fulfill the gap and facilitates the great platform for effective communication. Additionally, it creates a freedom place for everyone insights and product ideas. And finally, this creates a freedom space to share everyone insights and product ideas.  Besides, it helps in finding the solutions to the problems

SalesForce Analytics Cloud:

This is a business Intelligence tool optimized for mobile access and to present the large volumes of data into a user understandable format. This Cloud is also known as SalesForce wave analytics. This platform is very interactive and easy to use. Here, the user goes into the critical areas with a few clicks. Moreover, it does not require any writing. Additionally, this cloud is integrated with other cloud platforms such as sales cloud, marketing cloud, service cloud.  Moreover, this cloud accesses the data from all the other clouds to perform analytics.

Salesforce IOT cloud :

It is one of the powerful Cloud IOT platforms to store the massive amount of data generated that is generated continuously on different devices such as applications, websites, sensors, customers as well as patterns.

SalesForce Health Cloud:

In a Health Organization, salesforce is utilized to manage the health-related data such as a patient prescription. health records, doctor-patient relationship data. Usually, hospitals needs depend on salesforce health cloud to take care of everything. Moreover,  It is specially designed to store and organize the patient information to provide the best health assistance.

Would you like to know Why companies use SalesForce

Industry Company Usage
Communications Comcast spectator Salesforce CRM helps to maintain the  detailed customer profiles to find the biggest fans to develop an effective marketing technique
Finance American Express American Express uses these CRM tools to connect their employees across organizations, branches and time zones
Technology Sony This firm uses salesforce services to communicate with the customers
Health Care Health Leads This company able to view, update the patient data and coordinate with the customers
Media Coco Cola This firm uses Salesforce to connect better with the staff and the people

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