Tableau WorkSpace

The Tableau workspace comprises of menus, a toolbar, the Data pane, cards and retires, and one or more work  sheets. Sheets can be worksheets, dashboards, or stories. Worksheets contain sheets and cards that you can drag and drop data fields to build views. It incorporates toolbar, menus, Data window, cards that hold racks and legends and sheets. Sheets can be dashboards or worksheets.

Worksheets hold data where  you drag data fields to build views. You can modify the default format of the racks and cards to suit your requirements  including resizing, moving and hiding them.

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Tableau workspace/Tableau Online Training/OnlineITGuru

It holds  legends , views and quick filters. When you initially make a dashboard the Dashboard is empty and the greater part of the worksheets in the workbook are displayed in the Dashboard window.

Data Window:

Data  field shows up on the left half of the work-space in the data window

You can hide  and show  the Data window by choosing window > Show Data Window.

You can likewise tap the limit button  in the upper right corner of the Data window.

Data Window/MSBI Online Training/OnlineITGuru

Tool Bar  :

Tableau  Toolbar contains commands like connect to data , New sheet and Save.

It also contains  navigation  and analysis tools  like Group, Sort,  and Highlight.

Status Bar:

It is situated on the base of the Tableau workbook.

It shows depictions of menu things and the data about the current view.

Cards and shelves :

Each worksheet contains a wide range of cards that you can show or cover up.

Cards are compartments for racks, legends and different controls.

It can be appeared and covered up and in addition adjusted around the worksheet.

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File  Menu :

Like any Windows program, the File  menu contains Open, Save, and Save As options . The most much of the time utilized highlights found in this menu is the Print to pdf alternative. This enables you to send out your worksheet, or dashboard in pdf form. If you can’t recollect where Tableau places files, or you need to change the default record spare area, utilize the storehouse area location  to review  and change it. A quick approach to make a packaged work book  is accessible from the  package  workbook option . Saving  your workbook  along these lines dispenses with two or three ticks versus the all the more generally utilized files/saves as a method.

Data Menu:

The Paste Data choice is convenient in two or three ways. You can utilize this  if you  can utilize it if u  locate some tabular data  on a site that you need to analyze with Tableau. Highlight and  copy  the data  from the site at that point utilize the Paste Data alternative to enter it into Tableau. Once its done , Tableau will duplicate the information from the Windows clipboard and include a datasource in the data  window. The Edit Relationships menu alternative is utilized as a part of data blending . This menu alternative is necessary  if the field names when two distinct information sources are not identical. It enables you to explicitly characterize the related fields.

Worksheet Menu :

Several frequently used features  exist in this menu. The Export choice enables you to trade your worksheet as a picture, an Excel cross tab, or in Access database document design. The Duplicate as Cross tab alternative makes a cross tab rendition of the worksheet and spots it in another worksheet.

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