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Angular JS is a powerfull JavaScript framework .

Angular JS is extended for HTML single -page Web application framework for the JavaScript language .
Anjular JS wiil be used for HTML5/CSS/JavaScript using AngularJS as a framework.

It is used to simplify both the development and testing applications can be provided by aframework client –side model-view-controller (mvc) architecture .

Course Content

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Core topics of AngularJS Online Course

Angular JS:

  • The Enterprises today
  • Separating concerns and testability
  • Managing dependencies with dependency injection
  • Observing expressions with $scope.$watch()
  • Integrating external libraries with $scope.$apply()

Applying directives to templates

  • Binding to HTML with ng–model
  • Interleaving AngularJS expressions with HTML
  •     Displaying sets of data with ng–repeat
  • Piping data into AngularJS filters
  • date
  • currency
  • filter
  • Orderby

Working with images and links

  • Binding image source URLs with ng–src
  • Incorporating bound links with ng–href

Integrating the bootstrap front–end framework

  • Enabling a responsive UI with bootstrap grid
  • Linking bootstrap classes with ng–class
  • navbar
  • progress bar
  • modal

Validating form input

  • Exploiting HTML5 attributes: required, min, max, pattern
  • Harnessing $error, $dirty, and $invalid in expressions
  • Styling with Angular CSS classes: ng–valid, ng–invalid, ng–pristine, ng–dirty


Connecting to external REST API data

  • Performing CRUD operations with the $http service
  • get()
  • post()
  • delete()
  • put()
  • Retrieving JSON data asynchronously
  • Mapping JSON data into JavaScript objects

Testing AngularJS functionality

  • Unit testing controllers with Jasmine
  • Mocking HTTP with $httpbackend

Creating custom directives

  • Implementing restrictions for elements or attributes
  • Specifying template markup or templateUrl
  • Isolating directive scope
  • Producing one– and two–way data bindings

Animating AngularJS Applications

  • Including the ngAnimate module
  • Hooking into AngularJS animation triggers
  • Writing CSS transitions and animations
  • Incorporating drag and drop

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  • Trainer is having 10 Years of real time experience.
  • Trainer worked for major banks on web & fat client application development using various java technology frameworks & API’s.
  • Trainer is having 6 Years of online Training experience
  • Trainer deliver to the trainings to prestigious clients, students & consultancies in Abroad.