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Java is an object oriented programming language, Developed by Sun Microsystems’s. Java Originally developed by James Gosling. Initially Java called as ‘OAK’. Java is a Platform In-Dependent Language.

There are different application program Interface they are:

Core Java

Advance Java

Java Enterprise Edition


Core Java is a standard edition which applies standalone applications. It is used to develop applications software. The main theme of core java is ‘WORA’-“WRITE ONCE RUN ANY WHEERE”.Java is a High level programming language.

Standalone Application is also known to be desktop and windows based application.

Java Virtual Machine is a code generator, where java programs execute on it. We can develop core java programs in different operating systems like Linux, window’s etc.

  • Components Core Java:

>> Secures

>> Object Oriented

>> Efficiency

>> Portability

>> Simple

>> Plat form Independent

>> Robust

>> Multi-threaded

>> Interpreted

>> High performance

>> Dynamic

Core Java programs run on JDK tool kit, as java is a Graphical User Interface which is an Open source to develop Program’s. We can develop a program using 3 types editor’s namely: Note pad, Net beans, Eclipse.

Course Content

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Core topics of Core JAVA Online Course

  • Introduction



Introduction to JDK, JRE and JVM

Language Fundamentals

  • JAVA Setup & Environment Configuration

The Java Environment

Setup & Introduction to programming tool like eclipse.

Sample Java Program Development

  • Java Basics

Keywords, Literals, Comments

Primitive Data types,



Access Control,


Static Members. Finalize() Method.

Constructor & initialization code block

“this “ & “ Super “

“final “ keywords

  • Java Flow Control

Loops and conditional statements

if else



do while

switch case

  • Object Oriented Programming

Class & Objects Fundamentals.

Introduction to OOPS





  • Object Life Cycle

Object & Object reference

Garbage Collection

Explanation on Java Program & explain components.

Method overloading and overriding.

  • Inner Class

Types of Inner class

  • Threads

Multi-Threaded Programming

Thread Life-Cycle

Thread Priorities

Synchronizing Threads

  • Exception Handling:

Exception & Type of Exception

Try ,catch ,finally ,throw, throws, assert in Exception Handling

Custom exception

Exception and Error

Checked and Un-Checked Exceptions

  • Java Data Structures

Array & String

Mutable & Immutable String and why java strings are immutable?

String and StringBuffer

  • Java Collections Framework

Demo Video

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