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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
10 Reasons Why Java is Best Platform

Why is Java best? This is the most commonly asked question by people who are new to the java. The Java language released by Sun Microsystems in the year 1995 in three editions

JSE (Java Standard Edition): This edition can used for developing standalone software

JEE (Java Enterprise Edition): This edition can used for developing webpage software

JME (Java Mobile Edition): This edition used for developing application or software for mobiles or wireless devices or embedded controls controlled etc..where memory limited (less)

Let's come to point ….Here is my list of 10 reasons why Java is best? Check out these reasons and know why we can choose java?

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Java is easy to learn

Java is simple and easy to learn because of following reasons

The syntax of Java language is similar to an existing programming language like C, C++, etc..and therefore learning and migrating to Java will be easy.

Generally complex topics like pointers, templates etc..removed from Java to make a simple programming language.

In Java language, the programmer is responsible for the only allocation of memory. The deallocation of memory done by “garbage collector” and thereby reducing the programmer job and avoiding the memory issues.


Security is one of the most important principles of any programming language. The Java language contains inbuilt security programs for protecting the data from unauthorized usage.


The Java language is called as a portable language. Using this portable nature we can develop an application which is a collection of small components which can be replaced or reduced. Java is portable because of the bytecode of one system we can transfer to another system no need of compilation and we can use anywhere.

Object Oriented:

Generally Java language is said to be an object-oriented programming language. A language is said to be object-oriented if the application development is done with the help of objects and class.java online course bangalore

Object: Any entity that exits physically in the real world and which required some memory will be called as an object. Every object contains some properties and some actions. The actions are the tasks are the operations performed by the object.


A Class is a collection of common properties and common actions of a group of objects. A class can considered as a model or a plan or a blueprint for creating the objects. For Instance  A class can considered as a model or a plan or a blueprint for creating the objects. Using the class we can create any number of objects and without a class, we cannot create an object.


Java language is a distributed language. However Using the distributed nature we can access the data from multiple machines and provide it to the user.  In fact distributed nature will improve the performance. Moreover by making the data more available and more accessible.


In addition Java language called as a strong programming language because of following reasons.

Memory Management:

In Java language, no wastage of memory during the allocation time and the Java program never contain any unused memory, it deallocated by the garbage collector since both allocation and deallocation efficient in java. Most Important it called a strong programming language.

Exception Handling:

As  a matter of fact An exception is a run time error that occurs because of logical failure or wrong logic. When an exception occurs in a program. However the execution of the program will be incomplete and it will terminate abnormally. Otherwise As a programmer, we want to avoid abnormal terminated and execute the program completely. The process of exception handling in Java is simple and efficient.


Generally Java language said to be dynamic programming language because the allocation of the memory happens during the execution time according to the requirement.

High performance:

At any rate execution of the Java program done by interpreter along with a special compiler JIT(Just In Time) compiler. Equally Important reducing the execution time improving the performance of the application.

Java is everywhere

Yes,  Java is everywhere,  Therefore Java running 3 billion devices across the world. No other language runs on as many devices like java.

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