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All about Pega Systems
Pega Systems Inc. is a software company that develops software for Business Process Management and Customer Relationship Management services various firms and companies that deal with customer queries like call centres and BPOs. It is head quartered at Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

As, earlier discussed, many BPOs and call centres use this software for their daily proceedings. Pega system’s tools help the users understand their customer base, record the general queries and collect data about the customer usage. All this information is later analysed and studied to predict usage patterns and improve the firm’s productivity.

More about Pega Systems and its tools
As earlier mentioned, Pega Systems deal with CRM or Customer Relationship Management. It is a method a firm or a company put to use when it wishes to manage the existing customers and also attract new ones by improving the prospectus of the firm. With this procedure or method, the firm can improve the existing relationship between customers and organizations.

Business Process Management is another task that Pega Systems ensure that that is provided to the customers of the firm that uses their products. This task will enhance and manage the entire set of business processes undertaken by the company.

Why Online Training in Pega Systems?

Pega Systems provide an environment for the users to develop their application. The Pega tool called as PRPC, short for Pega Rules process Commander helps in creating and developing Data logics, UI and validation rules for the development of the software. It is a widely utilized tool by Data Analysts.

The students and professionals looking forward to start or thrive, being a data analyst should pursue this course. Many institutions provide courses in Pega Systems. One such institution is Online IT Guru. The faculty of Online Training in Pega Systems at Online IT Guru were either working data analysts earlier or were data analysts themselves. They have an industry experience in the field and have an edge over the other regular faculty to guide students to have an illustrious career as a Data Analyst. We are providing Pega Certification online training from india, we are the best pega online training providers from bangalore, hyderabad and we are providing placements also for pega online course in india and usa, To know more, kindly continue browsing the website.


Learn PEGA Online Training

Pega Systems Inc. is a Cambridge, Massachusetts based Software Company. It is known for developing softwarefor Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business process Management (BPM).

These two functions are put to use in various BPOs and Customer care centres to understand the user’s queries and responses and also to improve the products and services provided by the firm in question.

CRM is Customer Relationship Management, a method used to manage a firm’s customers and improve the prospects to attract new ones. With CRM, data analysis of a certain customer of the firm is performed to improve the relationship between the customer and the organization.

Business Process Management is one of the many processes involved in Operations Management. This helps the company to improve performance by managing and enhancing the business processes undertaken by the said company.

Who Should Take This Course?

Pega is a Business tool. This tool is mostly used in Finance/Banking/Health Care industry for Clients Enquires and to improve the products and services provided by the industries. Huge banks and Healthcare foundations utilize PEGA for their interior working. Any fresher can go to this course.

What Are The Prerequisites?

To understand Pega, a better understanding of CRM and BPM is advised. Although, it isn’t necessary for the students to have a certificate or diploma in the course. A mere idea will be sufficient.

Hands-on Experience

Pursing this course will entitle the students to be successful business analysts. With Online IT Guru’s Online Training Courses in Pega Systems, students will be learning about Pega Systems from the faculty that has worked as business analysts in the industry and with Pega tools.

With the guidance of faculty of Online Training Course on Pega systems and the course syllabus designed by them, students get a first-hand idea about the course and gain knowledge as to how to put it to use in real-time.

Course Features

Online Course Duration Course Duration : 40 Hrs

Highly interactive, reliable and quality learning sessions of the course are conducted by Online IT Guru. For a better learning experience, the courses are divided into distinctive phases and sessions.

Realtime Project Work Hands on Experience

Every module shall be followed by a practical experience of lab exercises. At the end of the course, the students will have to build a project on the concepts that were taught to them during the course duration.

Access Duration Life time Access Duration: Lifetime

Students will have a life time access to the course materials provided by Online IT Guru. Students also have an opportunity to decide the duration of the course as per their schedule and convenience.

24x7 Support 24 X 7 Support

Concerned faculty can be contacted by the students if they are looking for help and assistance with respect to the course and its material. Students can approach their respective faculty to clear their quires either by email, phone or through live chat.

Online Course Certification Get Certified

At the end of the course, students will have to fare well in quizzes and testes conducted by the institute and the faculty in order to receive the required certification. To clear the Certification test with flying colours, students will be given model questions and certification dumps that would make them confident about attempting the test to get their Certification.

Placement Assistance Job Assistance

Online IT Guru will help students find job opportunities with the newly acquired skill set. Online IT Guru has a varied bunch of Clientele around the globe, over 30+ companies in USA and India that have experience in working with different technologies. We would pass your resumes to them after the completion of the course and ensure that the students achieve 100% placements. During the testing and interview process for them, the required assistance shall be provided by Online IT Guru.

Core topics of PEGA Online Course

  1. Introduction to PRPC
  2. Introduction to User Portals
  3. Introduction to Fields and Data Elements
  4. Introduction to UI and Form Design
  5. Introduction to Process Definition
  6. Working with ClassGroup/WorkPool
  7. Class Structure and RuleSets
  8. Creating a Data Model
    Create a Property Using the New Rule Dialog
    b.    Change the Appearance of a property
    c.    Create properties Using the Define property Wizard
    d.    Create Embedded properties
    e.    Create a Data Table
    f.    Set Initial Values a Model Rule
    g.    Check-in/Check-out Functionality
  9. Process Definition
    Create a  Sub-flow
    b.    Create a Tabbed Screen Flow
    c.    Call a Sub-flow from a Starter Flow
  10. Case Management  (New in Pega 7)
    1. Stage based case management
  11. User Interface
    Create a Section
    b.    Create a Section Containing Multiple Layouts
    c.    Adding a Section to a Flow Action
  12. Advanced UI
    Conditionally Display a Layout Using a When Rule
    b.    Conditionally Display Property Fields
    c.    Create a Dynamic Select Control
    d.    Repeat layout( Row/Tree/Grid)
  13. Dynamic Layouts  (New In Pega 7)
  14. Decision Rules
  15. In depth explanation on Activities and its methods.
    1. Obj- Methods
    2. RDB- Methods
    3. Validation Methods
    4. Property- Methods
    5. Page- Methods
    6. Flow- Methods
    7. Commit/Rollback
    8. Exit-Activity & Activity-End
    9. Call & Branch
    10. Other Methods
  • Advanced Concepts
  1. Assigning the work
    1. To Work List
    2. To Work Basket
    3. To Skill Based Work Basket
    4. To Current Operator
  1. Creating Work Group / Work basket
  2. Validation
    Types of validations
    b.    Difference between Rule-Edit-Validation and Rule-Obj-Validation
  3. Declarative Rules
  4. Data Pages  (New in Pega 7)
  5. Advanced Activities
    Create an Activity with a precondition and a Transition
    b.    Create an Activity to Populate a Dynamic Select
    c.    Create an Activity to Write Data Table
  6. SLA( Service Level Agreements)
    1. Define an SLA
    2. Assigning SLA to Assignment
    3. Assigning SLA to Work-Object
    4. Testing SLA
  7. Integration Connectors
  8. Connecting to External Data Base Using Connect-SQL
  9. How to Use Dynamic SQL When Connecting to External DB
  10. How to Send a Correspondence (E-mail)
    1. Manual Correspondence
    2. Automatic Correspondence
  11. Correspondence Fragment
  12. Configuring E-mail (Inbound/Outbound)
  13. Configuring Web Services (SOAP).
  14. Migration/Deployment (Import & Export)
  15. Working with Agents
    1. Advanced Agents
    2. Slandered Agents
  16. Debugging tools
    1. ClipBoard
    2. Tracer
  17. Documenting the Application

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  2. Really helped me in my interview

    Instruction was really good. Trainer always links the ideas a day with day situation which gave us a fair knowledge. Although the fact that I was an industry, he helped me to understand the ideas which really helped me in my interview.

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    Greetings!! I feel better to design that I made this start of getting myself into Onlineitguru. You actually perform explain an amazing appearing with honor taking us through the entire Pega course. Your organization for teaching is so essential yet so helpful.

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