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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-09-30
Hadoop administrator role and responsibilities in 2020

In the present scenario, we can see that everybody is talking about Big Data and network as the data is growing exponentially. So, the related tools of big data also are in good demand as they require handling critical tasks. Hadoop administrator is one of them. Hadoop administrator is a person who manages data storage and closely works with the network database and other business teams. He makes sure about the high availability of business applications. Moreover, the Hadoop administrator is also responsible for the smooth running of Hadoop clusters.

A Hadoop administrator’s job is an invisible job that other IT groups or end-users can’t view. The major role of a Hadoop Admin is related to jobs like installing and monitoring Hadoop clusters across the organization. Moreover, he has to secure the overall.

The role of a Hadoop Admin includes customer-facing. They are accountable for designing and planning the structure, development, and modifying of Big Data solutions for a company. Moreover, they also make sure that there are no loopholes while installing the Hadoop cluster for an organization.

Let us dive into the post to get details on Hadoop administrator, skills, role, responsibility, and career prospects.

Hadoop admin skills

A professional Hadoop admin is a person with good skills necessary to implement strategies for the smooth running of clusters. He makes sure that everything is working fine under his supervision. Some of the major skills and knowledge that a Hadoop administrator requires are as follows;

  • Good proficiency in networking, memory, CPU working, etc.
  • Excellent skills in UNIX based file system.
  • General expertise in various operations, including expert knowledge of troubleshooting and a complete understanding of the system & network.
  • Hands-on experience with open-source/free configuration management and deployment tools (like Puppet, Chef, etc.).
  • Hadoop skills are the most essential requirement in this regard. As they should be able to deploy Hadoop cluster, add and delete nodes, tracking of tasks, etc. Moreover, they should also be able to monitor complex parts of the cluster, configure name-node high availability, plan, and take backups.
  • Expert knowledge of Linux OS as Hadoop runs on Linux.
  • Fundamental knowledge of cluster monitoring, managing cluster configuration, etc.
  • Should have Microsoft certifications and any other certifications of programs, licenses, etc. Moreover, he should attend required training on memory management, demonstrating bottlenecks, difficulties.
  • The person has to know how the Hadoop’s functionality works, and the components can provide a better role here. Responsible for managing Hadoop log files and so on.
  • He should be in a condition to multitask, problem-solving, and analyze well.
  • The person should have a good experience in tools like Hive and Ozzie Problem solving skills.
  • Good skills & understanding of the troubleshooting of core java is a need.
  • Being familiar with Operating System management will add more value to the job role of Hadoop admin.

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What is the scope of the Hadoop Administrator?

Today’s IT world is observing that Hadoop has become a high priority product in IT sectors. However, Hadoop deployment includes the production of a huge number of clusters with a greater number of nodes. They also need an admin to monitor their performance and activities. Their routine activities include keeping track of all the planned Hadoop jobs. Many clusters are operated towards failures and also provide test performance. Therefore, an admin must have an eye on the cluster jobs to prevent any failure.

Hadoop framework completely builds the business domain to get the proper information by observing and visualizations. This in turn needs Hadoop administrator services. Moreover, an admin gets detailed information about the data nodes by using the interface.

Thus, we can say that Hadoop admin’s scope is very vast. The need for administrators helps the organization, especially in this segment is of much importance. It might be challenging for a non-technical person to perform the job of an admin in IT. But getting hands-on experience and enhanced skills will make it simple. While working with open-source projects, it gives much support in setting manual setups.

There is a huge demand upcoming for these people in the future.

Is Hadoop admin a good career?

Under Big Data, there are two mainstream careers. Such as;

  • Hadoop Administrator
  • Hadoop Programmer

The job of Hadoop admin is open for all Big Data career enthusiasts. This will add a beautiful feather to the Hadoop ecosystem. Knowledge and skills regarding Big Data and related tools give a better opportunity to serve in the IT industry. People with these skills can excel in managing the clusters with great ability. Thus, the Hadoop administrator role becomes most effective here.

However, Hadoop’s programming or developing part is managed via Map Reduce or Spark. But Spark is replacing the Map Reduce jobs in the current market. Hence, if anyone wants to become a Spark developer, the foremost job responsibility of that person should be understanding data.

Besides, Big Data careers are all about managing big pieces of data within the organization. One should aware of data patterns to become a developer and enhance the career. Unless familiarity with data it will be hard for the people to get a meaningful insight out of data blocks. Furthermore, people can predict the possible outcomes of those scattered data chunks.

Hadoop admin is definitely a good career in the Big Data field. But without the skill to analyze it, it will be of no use. So, one should remember it’s a kind of analytics. As the market is growing in this field, the demand for Big Data Hadoop professionals also growing well.

Hadoop Administrator responsibilities

Handling big data and Hadoop clusters visualize numerous challenges to Hadoop administrators with running test data using multiple machines. Sometimes, enterprise-level deployments of the Hadoop cluster get fail. This is because the admins try to duplicate the processes and protocols of the test. They test them on one or two different systems across complex Hadoop clusters. Hadoop Admin itself is a title that covers a lot of different domains within the big data globe. It depends on the size of the company that the Hadoop administrator works for. Moreover, a Hadoop administrator also performs the DBA like jobs using HBase and Hive databases, security, and cluster administration.

The following responsibilities of a Hadoop Admin will make him a good professional. :-

  • He is responsible for applying and progressing the administration of Hadoop infrastructure.
  • Associating with the engineering team to suggest and deploy the latest hardware and software ecosystems need for Hadoop. And to enhance the current ecosystem in this regard.
  • He has to work with various data delivery teams to setup new Hadoop users. This job also involves setting up Linux users, Kerberos principals, etc. It also includes testing HDFS, Hive, Pig, and MapReduce access credentials for the new users for easy usage.
  • Cluster management including building and removal of nodes with tools like Nagios, Dell Open Manage, Cloudera Manager Enterprise, and others.
  • Performance tuning of Hadoop clusters and MapReduce regular practice.
  • Hadoop admin is accountable for capacity building, scheduling, and assessing the needs for diminishing or enhancing the capacity of the Hadoop cluster.
  • Hadoop admin is also accountable for determining the size of the Hadoop cluster. This requires checking to store the data within HDFS.
  • He must ensure that the Hadoop cluster is up and running round the clock smoothly.
  • Observing the connectivity and performance of the cluster all the time.
  • Handle and review Hadoop log files efficiently.
  • He must facilitate proper backup and recovery of various tasks.
  • Must provide resource and security management with all sources.
  • Troubleshoot application errors, bugs, and make sure that they do not appear again.

Responsibilities as DBA performed by a Hadoop Admin:

The below points present the various responsibilities of Hadoop Admin as a DBA.

  • He is responsible for data modeling, design, and deployment based on identity standards.
  • Install and configure the software within the organization.
  • Provide database backup and recovery facility to the management.
  • Performance tuning and observing the data patterns changing.
  • Storage, memory, and managing disk space.
  • Provide necessary patches and upgrades to software regularly.
  • Moreover, automate manual tasks to speed up processes and reduce errors.

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The above video will help you understand the basics of Big Data Hadoop Admin prospects and skills.

Hadoop administrator career path

The research analysis says that the market share of the Hadoop administrator is about 20%. Moreover, Hadoop is placing itself within the IT industry as a major section in job roles with growing Big Data technology. Moreover, there are many job profiles that come within the Hadoop administrator career path. The following roles may be a Hadoop administrator will get within his career.

  • Hadoop Cluster Admin
  • IT Systems Engineer
  • Hadoop Engineer
  • Hadoop System Admin
  • Data Engineer
  • IT Hadoop Administrator
  • Data Analytics Admin
  • Cloud Systems Admin
  • Web Engineer
  • Hadoop Architect

Moreover, there are some other roles to play for the admin. They are;

  • Big Data Engineer
  • Data Science tools and applications engineer
  • Junior system admin
  • Technology support admin
  • IT Storage Admin
  • Senior System Admin
  • Hadoop System Admin
  • Data Management Analyst

The above careers and roles will be given to a Hadoop administrator as a profession. These may differ with enterprise depending on the business size and job role. Besides, the salary of an admin also makes a big difference in his presence in an organization. Many professional and experienced admins receive the best pay in the industry and they deserve too. So, it can be said that a Hadoop administrator will get good and handsome pay for his work.

Hadoop administrator salary

The average pay scale for a professional having a profile of "Big Data Hadoop admin" ranges from $91,248 p.a. approx. and for the profile of Hadoop Developer to $122,690 per annum as per the latest statistics.

The salary statistics are recovered from several data points composed of users, employee reviews, etc. Also, they got from their past and present job advertisements posted on the internet in the past months.

Analysts from Govt. have predicted that the demand for Big Data Skills may grow to 1.5 million jobs by 2019. Moreover, the global Hadoop market may reach $99.31 by the year 2022 as per expectations. Thus, anyone has an interest to learn and make a bright career in the Big Data field can dive into.

Depending upon the business level, and size the package for a professional may grow along with performance metrics. So, instead of getting a good package, one should focus on earning good skills. This may take him to achieve new goals in his career.

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How to become a successful Hadoop administrator?

There is a number of opportunities within the Big Data field with different work profiles and prospects. But becoming a Hadoop administrator depends upon the skills you acquire for. To become a professional in this regard, one should know some points. Like;

Understand the basics and advanced features of Big Data and their practical usage to help businesses to manage & scale. Work in life with Hadoop experts, clients, and other web interfaces. Involve in cluster planning and use various tools useful in this regard. Make use of different types of Hadoop components within its ecosystem. Update the cluster security by applying security measures.

The tools like Hive, Hbase, Pig, etc. also play important role in the admin career. They may help as a backup for the admin job with additional skills. Thus, learning of these may include great benefits.

Learning the skills and the above practical experiences will give Hadoop admin a new height in the career. Moreover, you should learn the various modules within Hadoop like Mahout, Pig, Hive, etc. These skills will enhance your working practice easily.

Summing Up

Thus, we came across the job responsibilities and roles of a Hadoop administrator in this blog. I hope you got the overall idea of Hadoop admin in detail. The job prospects and the career path of an admin are of much importance for any IT industry or business. Hadoop professionals can build a good image in this field with their skills and experience. Therefore, to get more insights about this profile and working skills, reach on to Hadoop Admin Online Training with industry experts.