What are the New Features in java 12
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In the last few months many of the developers in java are complaining about the slow evolution of java. but for the next six months of time, there will be no case of raising a   question of   slow evolution of java language.  because,  the  use of adaptive support model will definitely  enhance the performance of existing applications in java  and in addition to this the combination of existing frameworks like JAVA EE and SPRING will add a new dynamic view to java world  will boost the java applications very Faster, Then What are the New Features in java 12.

You are  very familiar with java 11 which was launched in 25 September 2018  and the repository for bug fixes and specified by JSR 384 in the Java community process. The main features include nest-based access control, dynamic class file constants, improve aarch64  intrinsic’s ,remove the java online course and cobra modules and HTTP client and flight recorder etc are main features in java 11.

 In this article you can get What are the New Features in java 12, its features  and java online training. According to java community report java 12 has following features like open for bug fixes and Small enhancements .so this are a great advantage feature for the coders who are working in java domain. According to schedule Ramp down phase one  is  going to release on  13  December 2018 and  Ramp down  phase  two on 17  January 2019 and   Release candidate phase on 7 February 2019  and  Finally its general availability is from 19 March 2019.

Here are new features for Java 12

230: Micro bench mark suite

Micro bench mark suite is used to test the performance of java development kit (JDK) based upon micro bench harness. it will be added to JDK  source code. it is a method for effective code optimization  and automatic tuning of GPU  Architectures

325: Switch Expressions

A switch Expression is selection control mechanism and used for allowing  the value of variable  or  expression in the control flow of mechanism

For changing the flow of program execution in Multi way branch.

In Switch it has two changes introduction of case l -> statements

Switch can also be a expression. so it will have a  value by its default.

326: Raw String Literals

A Raw String Literal is a literal and it consist of one or more characters enclosed in sequence of back-ticks. Raw String Literals are useful for maintain strings with special characters and also for multi line strings. it  also uses for making string align function to use for multi-line indented text and escape functions conversion to traditional string literals or vice versa. What are the New Features in java 12.

340 : One Arch64 port

ARM 64  bit JDK.   The main goal of Aarch 64 port is to provide a full certified version in Linux. It is completely new architecture

341: Default CDS Archives

CDS stands for Class Data Sharing. The main feature are to reduce start-up time and memory sharing. But if you want to use CDS you default have to install JRE.

There will also have new features on switch expressions from JDK 12

So we will find with an example of Switch Expression here. consider an example of an enum for days of the week and return the number of letters in the string.  Here we are demonstrating the switch expression  with example here.

This   is the solution for the  en-um for days of week to letters. You can also get more examples of java in java online training

What are the New Features in java 12. we can appreciate the java community . The above features  are in coming months.This will make java  come forward with new features. we expect these features will enhance the java projects speed and time. This will  help the coders to write the code fast and simple. For more java updates and information follow  Core java online training.

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