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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
Advanced Reporting and Data Manipulations?

Microstrategy is a business intelligence which offers the data analytics, data visualizations, banded reports and statements to pull data for analysis automated report distribution makes MicroStrategy an industry leader in BI software space.

Let us know more about advanced reporting.
Advanced reporting:

Advanced reporting allows creating more sophisticated reports such as data and Freeform SQL, such as level metrics, conditional metrics, prompted filters, custom groups, and drill maps.

  • A revenue of products bought by your top customers, quarterly revenue and the inventory for time periods you select at report run-time.
  • The revenue for electronics in the first quarter of 2003 and music in the third quarter of 2003 attribute combinations you can select at report runtime
  • Allowing users to drill only to the call center level, not the employee level.

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Attributes act as holders of information, allowing you to add context to your facts in a report. For example, if you had $10,000 in revenue, that number does not mean anything in a business sense unless simply put, attributes provide categories for summarizing data. For background information on attributes, such as procedures to create them, see the Project Design Guide.

Attribute elements:

Attribute elements are the data shown on the report. Think of them as a sub-level of the attribute. For example, if City is the attribute, attribute elements can include London, Milan, and New York. In the data warehouse, attributes are usually represented by columns in a table, and attribute elements are represented by the rows.



Metrics are analytical calculations performed against stored data to produce results that can then either be read as status material or analyzed for decision-making purposes. They are similar to formulas in spreadsheet software. As a result Metrics represent business measures and key performance indicators. Equally Important A metric can calculate revenue, inventory levels, employee counts, or visits to a Web page.


A prompt is used to dynamically modify the contents of a report. With prompts, you can determine, during report execution, the objects to retrieve for the report and report filtering conditions. In addition, you can make different prompt selections each time you run the report.


A report is a MicroStrategy object that represents a request for a specific set of formatted data from the data warehouse. Reports are the focus and goal of business intelligence. They allow users to gather business insight through data analysis.

The different parts of a report include:

  • In Fact and attributes from the warehouse Advanced Reporting Guide MicroStrategy Inc.
  • Filters that determine how much data is used to generate the report
  • Metrics to perform calculations on the facts advanced report objects such as level metrics, transformation metrics, consolidations, custom groups, and drill maps, among others, allow you to create more functional and informative reports.
Generally You can also use your own customized SQL statements to generate reports from operational systems included in a MicroStrategy project. As a matter of fact this is known as Freeform SQL.
 Schema & SQL Engine:

Especially MicroStrategy  provide a relational snowflake data model an easy drag and drop semantic layer to build your reports is the start of Self Service, where business users don’t need to know complex definitions IT can ensure that logic stays in sharable objects.


SQL optimization which pushes the demand to the database for scaling, database pressure than MicroStrategy pressure.  Intelligent Cubes are an option to cache of data in your server’s memory. Moreover these work fantastically well up to about 2gb, pretty good up to about 15gb.


Statistics and Security tools are object management enable administrators to keep in order. These tools to desired from a convenience and perspective.

 SDK / Hackability:

Equally Important while you really can customize anything on the web, by injecting jQuery into dashboards which let you do some pretty cool things .  Not to mention Even though they didn’t intend the platform is flexible enough to hack on.


Generally MicroStrategy has Mobile BI platform in the market.  I have seen some really amazing apps built without writing a single line of code if Mobile BI.

 Recommended Audience:
Software developersETL developersProject ManagersTeam Lead’sBusiness Analyst

There is nothing much prerequisite for learning Microstrategy .It’s good to have a knowledge on some basic Concepts. But it is not mandatory .Our Trainers will teach you if you don’t have a knowledge on those Concepts.

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