Why Is Android Jet Pack Components So Famous
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Jetpack is a combination of, Android software components. Which is designed for you, to make the best android apps. Our Blog “Why Is Android Jetpack Components So Famous?”, shows an explanation, of complete Jetpack components.

Jetpack contains “android X”. Package libraries, provided solely from, the APIs. It provides access to updated, and latest versions of Jetpack components.

With this, your Task is made Easy.

JetPack Architecture :

Components that are in, Jetpack Architecture, have classes, that help to Analyse yours. Data and UI components life cycle.

Android Jetpack components

Data Binding:

It shows Bind view, Data to UI Components.

Life cycles:

You can handle your, activities and small life cycles.

The Work manager handles your android jobs, which are in background.

View-model, it manages UI data for life cycle.

Room, Database Access to Fluent Sq Lite Database.

Paging, it will load information from the Data source.

Navigation, you need this for handling, In-app navigation.

Live Data:

It gives alerts when databases, went any changes.

Components of Jetpack

Jetpack Components are a combination of libraries. That individually, adopt and built to work together. By taking advantage of Kotlin language, this will make Developers, more and more Productive.

Work Manager

A Powerful Library, offer simplified, modern API. The ability to work on Devices, with Google play services. It creates graphs.


It focuses on, making single activity App, that is your preferred design. Navigation component, allow, you to declare, transitions in automatic. It builds correct Up and Back behavior.

That Include, support for deep links, and offer helpers, to connect Navigation. In the exact UI widgets.

That is like, navigation drawer, and bottom navigation. However, navigator Editor in Android Studio 3.2, will allow, you to Handle your navigation, Properties more visual.


Data, which shown in App, is larger and costlier to load. It is important to avoid, downloading, presenting or Designing. Paging version 1.0.0 makes, it very easy to load and, on the other hand, it shows big sets of Data.


A slice is a Direction to surface App UI, which is Inside Google Assistant.

UI Components

With UI components, You can design an app. Which is more Easy and best to use.

Behavior Components

With these Components, you can  Design Robust, testable, and maintainable apps. It starts, with Data Persistence and UI component life cycle.

Foundation Components

They provide core system capabilities, Kotlin extensions and guide multidex and automated testing.

JetPack Behavior :

1) Slices

With Slices, you create UI elements, that will show app data, outside the app.


It gives a share action which, is advisable for the apps action bar.

2) Permissions

For requesting app Rules, it will check the API working Process.

3) Notifications:

It gives Alerts API by, supporting auto and tear.

4) Media and Playback 

For Routing and media playback, it will provide reverse API.

5) A Download Manager

Used for managing and planned downloads.

Jetpack UI:

Jetpack UI is a Wear OS by Google, this is used to develop apps, for wearing Gadgets like Google Lens and Amazon Lens.

1) Palette:

It will pull the best Information into color palettes.

2) Fragment:

It is a starting unit to compose UI.

3) Emoji:

It is used for older platforms to start emoji.

4) Auto:

For developing Android apps, it is used.

5) Transitions and Animations:

For Moving Transition, and Widgets in between, Screens it is used.

Benefits of Jetpack :

  1. Speed Development

We can use components, easily by using kotlin language, in Jetpack. The features of the language, are more Useful.

  1. Deleting Boilerplate Code

Android Jetpack handles long activities. such as Background tasks, life cycle management, navigation. So you can target which, process makes your app, the Greatest app ever.

  1. Designing high End and Robust apps

Android Jetpack components start few Disputes and less storage.

Jetpack Foundation :

This gives core system capabilities. like Extension of kotlin and automated testing, and multiple desk Guide.

App Compat:-

It lessens old versions of Android.

Android KTX

It Write shorter, and use clear kotlin code.

Multi Desk

It provides support for, apps with Multi DEX files.


It is an Android Testing Framework, for Run-time UI tests and Unit online courses.

I, think these are the best known, facts about, Android Jetpack components, in upcoming Blogs, you can get more data on, Jetpack components by Android Training.


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