New update for Android Oreo 8.1 Version was announced by Google with another existing step towards for a life vision of an AI mobile platform. Android Oreo supports for a new software experience for entry-level devices for growing market for less memory devices along with apps and games.

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In this version 8.1 introduces Neutral Networks API with hardware accelerated for machine learning run time to supports capabilities of your apps which enables the API for vision based object. The Pushing sources for an android is a open source Project with rolling source update with supported pixel and devices for android 8.1 devices announced at Google I/O to optimize the android  for billions of people coming online around the world.

New Pixel the time that will deliver with Android O .More seasoned Pixel and Nexus ought to get an Android O downloadable refresh soon after that. Expect an Android O refresh for some of those gadgets, with essentially every one of them getting the new OS by mid 2018.

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Neural Networks API

Neural Networks API accelerated with interference for a device learning frameworks Tensor Flow Lite is available for the developers with an open source which works with the Neural Networks API to run the models like Mobile Nets, v3 on your mobile device. It includes new features and developer APIs with latest optimizations, bugs, and patches. To extend your app for a Shared Memory API. For established Android Oreo features like Android Oreo.

Test your apps on Android 8.1

Few moments to test your apps that make sure to offer the experience of upgrading to Android 8.1 Oreo. Running Android Oreo and test the user flows the app run and handle the Android Oreo behavior changes properly. To pay attention to background location limits, channels  in networking, security, and identifiers.

Speed your development with Android Studio

To build with Android 8.1 for updating to Android Studio this is now available from the stable channel. The new app performance profiling tools which supports the Kotlin programming language, and optimizations, Android Studio 3.0 is easier to develop for Android Oreo features like Instant Apps, XML Fonts.

For updating a SDK and tools in Android Studio the API Level 27 emulator systems. For updating to the Android Support Library, which is available from Google’ to help you do final testing on your Pixel and Nexus devices. You can publish APK updates for targeting API level 27 in alpha, beta and production. Updated app runs for Android Oreo. By using beta testing for early feedback from a small group and a pre-launch report to identify any issues. Android Developers site to seeing your app updates. Android 8.1 in the AOSP issue tracker. You can also continue in the developer community.

Oreo Configurations:

Memory optimizations: Memory usage in the platform to ensure the apps can run efficiently on devices with 1GB.

Flexible targeting options: Hardware feature constants to let you target the distribution of your apps to normal.

Optimized Google apps: Rebuilt versions of Google apps, using less memory and mobile data.

Google Play: It will give visibility to apps optimized by developers for a great experience with people for building the billions guidelines.

Operating System:  Storage improvements and Performance in an OS with data management features and security benefits built-in.

Building for billions guidelines with additional guidance for Android Oreo devices. For optimizing your existing APK with Google Play’s Multiple APK features to target a version of your APK to low-RAM devices .For making your app lighter and benefits your whole audience, regardless of device.

More individuals can access figuring the level gadgets are completely working Smartphone’s peruse the web and utilize applications. At Google I/O this year, an early take a gander at a venture we called “Android Go”. We are eager to report that this product encounter Android Oreo is prepared for propelling as a piece of the Android 8.1.Android Oreo gadgets with 512MB to 1GB of memory.

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  • Picture-in-picture
  • To Google Assistant
  • Auto fill and Wi-Fi awareness
  • Notification with dot
  • Smart text selection
  • Vitals and battery life
Recommended Audience:

Software developers

ETL developers

Project Managers

Team Lead’s


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