Artificial Intelligence VS Machine Learning
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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, are two trending Technologies in the Present World. Our Blog Artificial Intelligence VS Machine Learning, will Explain the Best Differences between those two Technologies.

Artificial Intelligence VS Machine Learning

AI ( Artificial Intelligence )

AI is a technology, which Simulates Human Behavior.

ML ( Machine Learning )

Machine Learning is a subset of AI, by that machines Learn from, Old Data without any Programming.

Types in AI

Strong AI.

Weak AI.

General AI.

Types in ML

Supervised Learning.

Unsupervised Learning.

Reinforcement Learning.


AI makes Intelligent Systems, to do any, work just like humans.

ML, teach Machines, with Information to perform, certain tasks and offer Exact Output.


Machine Learning and Deep Learning are Subsets of AI.

Deep learning is a subset of Machine Learning.


AI has a Wide Range of Scope.

ML has a Limited Scope.


AI has Self-Learning, Self –Correction and Reasoning.

ML Includes Self – correction and Learning when it Introduced to New Data.

Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning



Siri, Customer Support by chat-bots, Online Game playing, Humanoid Robot.


Facebook Auto Friend Tagging Suggestions.

Google Search Algorithms.

Online Recommended System.


AI is an Overarching Field.

ML is a subset of AI.


The goal of AI is to Simulate Human Intelligence, For Solving Critical Problems.

The goal of ML is to Learn, From Data and Predict Output when new Data is Showed.

AI Leads to Intelligence.

ML Leads to Knowledge.

AI is Decision Making and ML Accept System, Requests to learn new things.

AI Develop Designs, to mimic humans to respond, in some circumstances.

ML, Involves designing, Self Learning Algorithms.


AI finds the Optimal Solution.

ML chooses a Solution When it is optimal or Not Optimal.

Early Days AI:-

Artificial Intelligence is from Greek. The Greek myths have the concepts, of Mechanics. Designed to do just like our Impostors. Centuries Ago European computers are considered as “Logical Machines”.

Working Process of AI, is concentrated on Imitating Humans. By carrying out Tasks, in more human ways.

Artificial Intelligence Devices handle any work. Moreover, it is responsible for, developing Machine learning. 

AI Continued, to progress from our Early Days to Computer, and to the age of the Internet. It finally reached Cloud Computing Virtualization and Certain Sophisticated Networks.

Generally, AI has Expanded and, grown in many ways, as a Key Technology.

Early Days of Machine Learning :

In the early 1990s, Computer Engineers Decided, to teach machines and computers. It is better to do coding, for some machines, for doing certain Tasks. So that they can imitate, Human beings.

Notwithstanding, Machine Learning, is the Computer Science of Training Devices. Or it is a Software to Do, certain tasks and update its capabilities.

Every Machine Learning is AI, but not Every AI is Machine Learning. For Instance, A chatbot code is, programmed on Rule-based Systems, and Critical trees of AI. But it is not Machine Learning.

A Facebook Chatbot is Designed, with Machine Learning Capabilities. Learn New Questions and answer Approximate Queries.

How AI Works

To illustrate AI, it Designed to Discover, whether Machines, can think like Human beings. Artificial Intelligence today, falls under categories of Narrow AI, Weak AI.

It was Limited with, Contextual Situations. It is just like, Simulation of human Intelligence, that applied to certain specific tasks. The narrow AI concentrates on Finishing one task, which is Recognizing Pictures of Dogs, Similarly, by playing a game. 

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How Machine Learning Works

To illustrate, Machine Learning is the concept, that makes a lot of Artificial Intelligence. It is how we ensure, that these bots, Operate on their own. Usually, by using Data Sets, then relying on Constant Human Input. So, in this way Machine learning works.

Specifically, Machine Learning Uses, two main Fundamental techniques, for Delivering output. The first option is Supervised Learning, which refers. A training Model, based on Relevant Output, and Input Data.

In the same way, a model can predict upcoming, Requirements and they learn on their own.

On the other hand, unsupervised Learning accepts, the bot for searching, through Data and Finding Patterns.

What is a Neural Network:-

Generally, a Neural Network is a part of the computer, like Human Brain. It teaches with examples and Images. And works on probability-based Data.

It makes predictions and Decisions. Adding a Loop. It starts “learning”. So, it does, which is right or wrong. It can change its Decision in future, with Artificial Intelligence.

I think, our Blog has shown you the best, differences between AI and ML. In upcoming, blogs we will update more blogs on AI and ML.


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