Azure latest releases
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The demand for Cloud technologies like Azure has an increasing day-to-day. And people were eagerly migrating to that technology due to its high demand in the IT demand. But have you think why it has such a great demand in the IT market. The reason is simple. People today were enthusiastic to learn the azure latest releases. It has been releasing the updates periodically. Today Azure online course provides you the Azure latest releases.

Over the past One week, it has released three updates. Let me explain you one by  one

Azure Latest releases :

Azure. Source – Volume 55 :

This is a cloud-based text analytics API. From the raw text, it provides advanced natural language processing. This includes four main functions. Sentiment Analysis, Key phase extraction, language detection, and entity linking. Additionally named entity recognition is the ability to take free test form. This additionally identifies the occurrences such as people. location and organization. Moreover, with simple API call, text analytics NER uses the robust machine learning models. In any documents, this helps to find and categorize more than 20 types of names entities. To tackle any problems in a simple and short manner this adds to the suite. As of now, it was under preview.

Azure Sphere 18.11 :

This was under the public preview and was going to release around November 12 .With  this release, instead of receiving the software over the Air (OTA), this involves connecting of the device to the PC and manually installing the OS. If you would like to update your device manually, you can reconnect the wifi  and need to download and install the SDK and follow the release notes.Azure latest releases

In case, if you already created an OTA application deployment. After the release, developers suggest you to upgrade the OS and SDK as soon as possible. Moreover, they added, after the release that releases TP 4.2.1 would not receive any updates. This can be either the device (or) application software. However, Azure IOT continue to work for authentication and attestation. Azure latest releases. So, Azure IOT hub cannot authenticate the devices that are running  on TP 4.2.1

This Azure 18.11 will have the following additional features:

Real  Time clock :

This new API enables the applications to set and use the internal clock. It supports the using the coin cell battery. It means that when the power goes off it continues to keep time.

Mutable storage :

To write/read the data, For the purpose of storage, a  beta provides a maximum of 64 K storage.

Bluetooth Low Energy Wifi Set up : 

On the Azure sphere device, it is a reference solution, that shows configuring of  WIFI module. This helps to configure the WIFI connection.

External MCU update :

It is one more  reference solution to update the firmware of additional connected MCU’s

Software Update improvements:

This azure sphere security service seamlessly handles the expired root certificates.  It’s better to connect with Azure sphere devices that are intermittently connected (or) disconnected to the device. Azure latest releases

Beta  API targeting  :

You can target the applications either for the production  API’s (or) production (or) Beta API’s

Azure  edge 1.0.4 Release:

Recently, Microsoft has released the Azure 1.0.4. This has the following updates:

For C# functions, azure functions on IOT is generally available. From Nugget. edge hub binding for Azure has been updated. This is to confirm the run time, 2.0 pattern function. Azure functions edge modules should be rebuilt before the solutions are kept into the productions. Moreover, for VS code, Azure, IOT Azure extension has  been updated . This easily enables the re-writing of existing codes.

The create operation field used to customize a module container setting. It now allows the configuration of files greater than  512 bytes. Forr VS code, from the Azure portal (or) azure IOT extensions longer create operations can be set easily. And in this release, multiple bugs have resolved. For example, when AMQP is an upstream protocol, they have fixed a bug from reliably recovering the lost connection.

Likewise, there are many updates in Azure. So its  good to have a knowledge on Azure through Azure Online Training 

Recommended Audience:

Software developers

ETL developers

Project Managers

Team Lead’s


It’s good to have knowledge of basic Concepts of oops concepts and databases like MySQL and server like Apache Tomcat. But it is not mandatory. OnlineITGuru will teach you if you don’t have knowledge of those Concepts from the beginning

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