Best Android updates for 2019
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Again we have got time, this year going to end in few days. Android pie working with AI to make good and better Decisions to update the battery life. AI doing well and it good to guide to our contacts with help of android assistant. In such case the output interest of android assistant. In such cases the outputs will be good. Still it feel like AI. Most used by so many final users. As a matter of fact it will explain about Best Android updates for 2019.

We can see that in 2019 AI will create a jump to Android puzzle and android auto device. AI will start User facing applications for more comforts. So operating systems will work according to the AI at last they will reach point where it recognize the user behavior and design Interactions with applications more Intelligent. By the end of 2019 we get signals of what android and AI together can do.

Best Android updates for 2019:-

By the year end of 2019 so many auto mobile communications by the guidance of customer service be in Direction. With AI integrated chat bots. For taking this idea further users do not have any idea on what they communicate with bot. we can see how far thus AI will be in upcoming years. Chat bot technology, a new technology but this technology more prevalent. We have check this type of handy devices to check the Direction into Android mobile application in upcoming year.

Best Android:-

I can say one thing that we will see many more devices that operating completely on Android Experience as an example android car. The Android one project proved that removed down Android. Without any transport or any other OEM bloatware. Android will be faster and faster and friendly to handle and manage it.

Crystal ball saying that 2019 will be more increase in Android one devices. This will guide to lead with more number of users, who are asking about best android Devices. In 2019 we get android mobiles with latest chip set and that will appear in big number in new smartphones coming soon.

Qualcomm snapdragon 855:-

The latest talk about 5G mobiles with Qualcomm snapdragon 855. We can look at this type of chip set in Samsung S10. We cannot assure this chip-set in each and every upcoming mobiles. Qualcomm accepts manufacture request to add Best Android updates for 2019.

In coming days 5G going to launch, but it depends on where you live. But the chip set with 5g technology will be Snapdragon 855. I think we have seen a In screen Finger print scanner. if your fingers wet by water or oil. Then your finger print scanner may not function properly. So this type of problem you will not face in snapdragon upcoming finger print scanners.

In latest three Dimensional ultrasonic finger print scanner with android auto navigation will work accurately when you operating your mobile in rain. I think this will help you with android auto play. We have another power saving mode, this feature useful when we see videos. Did you thought any time that you can become friends with Google assistant and alexa. This shows with the new chip set will accept voice support. When you going buy a smart mobile check whether it support alexa and google voice. Not only this two it also supported baidu, cortana for Best Android updates for 2019.

In the last we have got big camera improvement. With snap dragon 855 chip set we can see computer ISP screen that which operates under AI and it accept for 4k HDR video. Apple till now didn’t launch any 5G iPhone, but we may expect in 2020. From qualcomm president we already known that next year will be the year for 5G mobiles with android auto head unitAndroid online course working on 5G mobile handsets to provide Best Android updates for 2019 and android car stereo.

Spectra 850:-

Download speed will be faster with android auto receiver than compared to old version mobiles. You can create high definition videos. Snapdragon Implemented spectra 850 technology this will bring an array of videos and photos for your mobiles. It can work with 60 HZ and 4k HDR video capturing technology. By this you can blur the background similar to photos and you get best camera phone 2019. In our old mobiles Images will use a lot of space. To overcome this snapdragon taking support from JPEG to HEIF. That resembles that if you take a photo of 1 GB it will be converted to 500 MB. We can see this feature already in android mobiles and by this you can free a lot of space in our mobiles.Another option we have is android auto compatible mobiles. Finally all the above concepts will show importance of Best Android updates for 2019.

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