Big Data is Stronger than your data
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Generally, when we leave our room, we remind ourselves to switch off the lights. But did you thought that one Internet, search left a bulb for 2 seconds? This does not happen because just not, for charging consumed by your smartphone or computer. Here we will discuss examples of big data. Every search query is sent to Data center, that is already established somewhere in the world. This Data center will process the query and sent it back to you. The same task is done with your Publishing videos, work documents, media posts. Did you think any time that 6 billion searches, and 150 million Hours of videos streaming every day?. Now we discuss about why Big Data is Stronger than your data.

Big Data analytics tools take very Big servers. That bigger than 1 million Sq. To design process, and memorize all this Data. That happens In a similar way, that your laptop gets heat up. This type of data centers will produce, many amounts of heat and this have to be cool with, the help of Air conditioning or flowing water. Recently Microsoft launched a Data center in Sea because this Data centers will take 2 % of the world’s electricity, and produces many carbons than the total airlines. Many Internet companies taking measures to decrease, the carbon emissions of their data centers.

Location for Data center:

What is big data so many companies establishing their data centers, in coastal areas of Scandinavian countries? So that they can make use of cool air, and water for cooling data centers. I already mentioned that Microsoft has recently launched a Data center in Scotland. By this type of data centers will release the excess, heat in sea water. In the future, if companies go in this way, it can affect marine life.

The Round Economy:

The unwanted heat from data centers used for heating the homes. Swimming pools and greenhouses. Waste heat was processed through Pipes, and send over small distances and make use by the small place, which closes to data centers.

Green Nature:

IT companies get renewable energy to make, use of fossil source power from the grids they run. But this does not show, that they use electricity produced by fossil fuels. In the total world, only 25 % of electricity is produced with the help of Natural sources.

Identifying Inefficiencies:

Especially IT companies use AI to check inefficiencies, and wind and solar power according to the weather conditions in any seasons.

Consequently cooling energy on a data center measured, by a number known as Power usage effectiveness (PUE). The differences of the complete energy implemented by characteristics of the big data, a center that divided by complete energy Implemented by data center only for data processing. Conventional data centers contain PUE of 2. They utilize more energy for cooling and handling equipment that they implement for data processing. The position of the art data centers has handled, to make minimize their energy and get PUE of close to 1. PUE was known as power usage Effectiveness.

Especially with perfect PUE of 1, the total energy utilized by big data analytics, centers that will continue to increase to meet, our updating digital needs. With any method of consumption, creating supply more utilization do not decrease complete, consumption if demand not considered.

As a matter of fact, Our Data requires to change in 10 to 20 years. As mobile phones very powerful. They will process more data Implemented locally, than far data centers. This will make use of blockchain with data spread on computers to decrease or increase the requirement with cloud computing.

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Here we have some policies, that we can moderate the fossil fuel energy.

First thing is that we have to calculate, how much amount of fossil energy does the data centers in India. All the state governments in India can create, site clearance for the latest data center. We have to request governments to encourage the solar power with help of rooftops, by purchasing renewable energy sources. If we use thermal energy, we have to encourage the planting. A committee should appointed to monitor the heat produced from the Data centers.


Every IT company when they launch a Data center, kindly make sure they have to use the renewable energy sources to operate the data center.

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