Biggest blocks of continuous testing
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Time changed. So we need to discuss the biggest blocks of continuous testing. The requirements of the client also change. So in this current scenario, the client does not require the software that works 100 % without bugs. They would like the software, that has launched recently. It means today clients were expecting the immediate releases of the software.  They give more importance to the instant releases.  They don’t concentrate much on the bugs. This is because after the development of the application developer won’t launch immediately. They used to run multiple test cases before its launch.

The reason before running of multiple test cases is, for every change in the code they send the output to the client. The client then updates the changes to the developer. After several reviews with the client and test the app finally and then updates to the client. So before delivering the final output to the client, we use to provide the continuous testing. This continuous testing has several biggest blocks. Get in touch with OnlineITGuru to get more information about DevOps Online Course.

Each block has its own significance in the IT industry.  Moreover, the reason to adopt this testing is that to get the continuous feedback from the customer and rectify those changes and serves to the client. This continuous testing has been adopted by most of the people. It means many of the MNC ‘s who has a good team and investment will adopt this continuous testing.  According to the recent statistics, 97% of the organizations have adopted agile and  71   % are adopting devops.

Biggest blocks of continuous testing:

So till now, we have discussed what is meant by continuous testing. so its time to move forward to the biggest building block of the continuous testing.

We have various building blocks for the testing.  But we could discuss them all at a time. so let me explain few biggest building blocks of continuous testing.

Time :

It is an important factor of an application.  When a new application has launched. the client usually checks the loading time of the application. The lesser the loading time, the greater the user response. So developers based on their experience has given some points to get the less loading time of the application.

Create a test for the  new  and modified  requirement

Establish a framework that supports reuse and data-driven testing.

Individual and broader test must be sync constantly, while evolving an application.

Determine how to automate more advanced use cases and keep them running consistently in a continuous test environment.

Review and interpret the test and mounting volume of test results.

Complexity :

The another deciding factor of an application is complexity. The greater the complexity, the greater the loading time of the application .so  as discussed above time is an important factor in building the application. So while running an application, there will be always some sort of complexity. so try to develop the application with less complexity. This because, today most of the applications use the highly sophisticated technologies like SAP API ’s, mobile interfaces and mainframes. So  while developing an application, you need to check the following :

 You need to understand the test resources. Because, while writing an application you will be using various different technologies and connect data and results from one technology to the another.

You must have a continuous, reliable and cost-effective access to all the dependent test, that is required for your test including API’s and third-party applications. So you need a systematic way to flush out the critical defects, This can be done by evaluating the application from the user point of view.

Results :

This is one of another factor of continuous testing. Here, we need to review the number of false results and addressed. Initially, handling the negatives is not a big deal. However, as the project grows, solving the problem becomes more critical. So be concentrate on results more while developing a project. Click here to enter the world of DevOps Online Training Bangalore.


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