Blockchain applications in various fields
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We people today have been hearing the word Blockchain frequently. So have you thought why this was important? Also why this word became more popular in the IT industry? The reason is simple. It is because of the presence of various blockchain applications in various fields. But what application of Blockchain makes it so popular in today’s world.? Today in this article, let me explain you the application of blockchain in today’s industry. Before  we move to the Blockchain applications in various fields, it better to introduce

Before Enter into this blog we need to learn what is blockchain?. The blockchain is a collection of records.  Here all the records all linked through a chain is called Blockchain. They named it as a blockchain because each record is considered to be as a block. The blockchain is used for recording the transactions built with cryptocurrencies. Some of the examples were the bitcoin. Today using blockchain, many people can write the record the information and updated. Moreover, today on the internet, multiple computers can validate the transactions made. This is to ensure that each transaction is valid before it was added to the internet. Usually, when a new block is added to the blockchain, it is linked to the previous block using a cryptographic hash. Moreover, this decentralized computer network cannot add the invalid blocks to the chain.

Now its time to move to the Blockchain applications in various fields

Applications of Blockchain in various fields:

As stated above, today blockchain have many applications in the market. So now. in this article, am going to explain you the applications of Blockchain applications in various fields

Financial Services:

Traditional services were quite confusing and a bit difficult to understand. There is a chance for conflict occurring. Additionally, this costs more time, stress and money. So today people, to use blockchain. This is because, it cheaper, transparent and more effective. Additionally smart bounds and smart contracts today use blockchain. This is because today many companies introduce innovations through it.

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Smart property :

Today any tangible (or) intangible property such as cars, houses, pressures cookers do have smart properties embedded in them. Moreover, ledger can store all such registrations. This includes the other contractual details like property ownership. Here, the decentralized also becomes a system for recording and managing the property rights. Once the contract is verified, the ledger stores the duplicated records.

Blockchain IOT :  

In this computerized world, today any material object is a thing. And it becomes an Internet of Things. Moreover, when connected to a computer network, it becomes more than an object. And according to the statistics, Gartner Says, by 2020, we may 26 billion connected devices. For example, brewing coffee can change your time. And when the system is low, From Amazon, your printer can automatically order cartridges. Blockchain applications in various fields

Blockchain in health care :

Today using blockchain, personal health records can be encoded and stored. And a private key would grant access to the individuals.  The same strategy could be used to conduct research via HIPAA laws. Moreover, blockchain as a proof surgery receipts. This is used to send automatically to the respective departments like insurance.  And this ledger can be used for general health care management such as supervising drugs,  regulation compliance,  testing results, and health care management results.

Blockchain music:

The major problems in the music industry include ownership rights, royalty distribution, and transparency.  While ownership rights were often overlooked, the digital music industry focuses on monetizing productions. Moreover, by creating a comprehensive and accurate decentralized database the blockchain can circuit this problem.

So likewise, there are many applications of the blockchain, that we were using in the today. And the demand and applications of Blockchain are growing exponentially. In the future, there is a chance to become dependent on Blockchain.  So its good to have a knowledge of all those through Blockchain Online Course.


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