Blockchain technology in online E Voting
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The blockchain is the new application for voting. By checking votes as transactions. We can design a blockchain, that keeps track of all the votes. In this way, everyone accepts on the final count, because they can count the votes by themselves with blockchain audit. In the first place, they can see that no votes were modified and no votes are added. This explains Blockchain technology in online E Voting. Before that you need to know about what is blockchain?

Blockchain Voting sample:-

Regularly it is an E voting sample contains, a client-server architecture that integrated with a blockchain technology system.The minimum requirement for a voter is that he should have a smartphone. Computer with a webcam and an internet connection.

The above diagram shows how a user interacts, with different parts of the system. The system will be shown in two parts, that showing the functionality of each part, and the management associated with this system. In this case, we can see, four main parts of the system by this user can vote online.


User should have a smart mobile or a laptop, with a browser with front-facing the camera. He should have an Internet connection.


For the most part authentication server is known as, a traditional web server. It is a back end database connected to it.

Arbitration server:-

Especially it acts as an Intermediate, between user and blockchain voting.

Blockchain system:-

Generally, it is a main online voting system, where the voting process takes place. The user vote sent to one of the nodes. On the system working on a load of every system.

Especially Database is known as blockchain technology and handled by a network of nodes that all have, a copy of the database. A node simply knows as a computer, or server that connected with the network. If this node connected for the first time, it downloads a total sample of the blockchain. Nodes will take pulling

from a pool, and pending transactions that which sent to the blockchain but have to add to database officially.

After that nodes will analyze the transactions, in Database to identify based on some set of rules, in the network that has to be considered. In that, the transactions which valid will counted, and formed a group to the database in a block. One after the other one, in a way that shows a chain, and hence the symbol blockchain.

When the first block in A designed, it marked as hash Function. when the second block created and added to the blockchain applications, it pointed with a hash function. That includes in space of first block hash function.

When a Node submits the latest block, to the blockchain. If the node modified any of the databases, inputs and outputs contain with old block. The hash function of that block will modified. Therefore we have a sample, of how blockchain technology will trace, and secure a node from hacking. The blockchain and modifying database transactions.

When a Node proceeds for a blockchain platform, update that has a block which is altered. All the other nodes will able to trace that a modification, has been created and rejection mode updated. This basic functionally of blockchain technology is what designs a blockchain database prevention.

Recently Thailand government agency has Invented, a blockchain. Based answer that set to digitize voting process, in elections in the country. According to Reports the development of the software, has already finished the development of the system. For blockchain depended on voting and watching for vendors. The software company of Thailand has developed this technology for E-voting. Which can applied to many nations? The main agenda of this software, that to remove the fraud from elections.

At this point, the company is looking to check the results, of the blockchain system on medium measurements. Like for elections in universities and in many communities for the test.

Generally For a big measurement Implementation, like for general elections.The agency will get many times that every voter, requires to have. A low price internet connection and identity verification. However Many countries are been looking, to implement blockchain technology for many efficient voting methods. South Korea already announced. That it has done a test using the blockchain system so that they can improve the quality of online voting.

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The future of E-voting done by blockchain software. Everybody can vote from their mobile. Or laptop within a span of one minute. No need of a voting machine, so, with this the quality of voting of improves. Consequently Everybody will get knowledge on E-voting.

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