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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
Business Intelligence in Different Industries

Today, in this current world, as days pass on business is increasing day- to – day. These businesses were increasing gradually as the time pass on. Every starter for a business cannot succeed. Moreover, we cannot say that every initial step fails.  And when a person has started a new business, he cannot say exactly that he would definitely get succeeded (but he predicts to be succeeded).

In such cases, we need a tool which predicts the analysis of current business and gives an indication regarding the future, if we would go in the current scenario. Through that, the business people can estimate the future of the business and then invests the capital for the development of the business.  So we need a tool to solve all these problems, Business Intelligence (BI) tool came into the picture to answer all these questions. This Business Intelligence has several applications in several sectors. Let us know the application of Business Intelligence in different industries.

Before going to know the application of Business Intelligence in different industries, let us know discuss briefly what is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence :

Business Intelligence refers to the advancements, applications, and practices for the accumulation, combination, investigation, and introduction of business data. The motivation behind Business Intelligence is to take better basic leadership. Essentially, these are the choice emotionally supportive networks (DSS). The imperative thing where you can put resources into the powerful BI framework is that you can enhance your proficiency in your association. Moreover, this report can be shared across the several other departments in the organization to share their information. The most important advantage of this tool is that we can analyze the customer behavior, analyses the customer and can increase the productivity of those requirements.

We have several BI tools in the market. One of them is Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI). Get the best training on MSBI from OnlineITGuru through  MSBI Online Training.

This Business Intelligence has several applications in the It industry. Let us know the application of Business Intelligence in different industries.

Business Intelligence in different industries :

Sales and Marketing :

If you are a  sale person (or) a marketer, you need to keep track of your customers. probably, you will use  CRM to know the analytics.  Basically, CRM stands for Customer  Relationship management. Basically, this is a software that handles all the aspects of organizations interactions with the customers. In other words, it collects the data about your customer and presents in variable formats like chats and graphs. In a single point, it collects your data about your customer and presents in various charts and graphs. This includes every aspect of the market starting from winning new customers to the serving and tracking to the existing customers for providing a point of sales.

Social Media :

The data from Social media is not as simple as we think. This data need a data warehouse, in order to maintain. Through these companies have an idea regarding the customer needs.  We usually get the data from the social media from the following sites.

Application of Business Intelligence in different Industries

Likewiselet me take to the next application of  Business Intelligence in different industries

University  Admission :

As we know that a university contains server branches. Moreover, this university also contains several colleges under its guidance. So usually, this board see the number of students in each college (more specifically each branch in each different department). So new students and the university people check the current of a particular college before entering into that college (or) allocating the new branch to the existing colleges.

Along with the specifications mentioned above, there are many other specifications which were hidden. So they were many unknown facts regarding the Business Intelligence. So get the complete idea of Business Intelligence from OnlineITGuru through MSBI Online Training

Recommended Audience :

 Software developers

ETL  developers

Project Managers

Team Lead’s


It's better to have a fundamental knowledge of keeping up and examining them for implementation. No Programming Knowledge. It's great to have knowledge of the utilization of Excel or the worksheets to understand the whole design of MSBI.