Comparison of Business Intelligence Tools

Before going to Comparision of BI tools, take an attention. Nowadays BI tool plays a major role in business, there are some examples of BI tools like Tableau, Informatica, Power BI, Congos by using these tools we get good results in business. Let’s know what is BI? Comparison of Business Intelligence tools. Kindly go through the blog. I am pretty sure that you get some knowledge.

What is BI?

Richard Miller Devens has invented Business Intelligence Software in the year 1865. Business Intelligence is used to support the decision making for business. It can use maximum of software and services transfer the data and presentation of business information. It is a type of application to transform, report and analyzes the data for Business intelligence. Business Intelligence takes a century to become a separate scientific process accept by the speculator and improve the methods it offers nowadays. In Business Intelligence recognizable feature is customized, to make every BI system work with operational rules in companies. Especially the BI systems are data-driven Decision support system (DSS).  There are some examples of BI tools are given below: and then know Comparison of Business Intelligence tools.Comparison of Business Intelligence Tools

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Power BI


Tableau founded by Pat Hanrahan, Chris Stolte, Christian Chabot in January 2003. It  becomes a popular and nowadays which is a trending Business Intelligence tool used to analyze and visualize the data easy and fast. It can use by academic researchers, business, government organization for visual data analysis. Tableau helps the people to understand and see data and transfers without limitation visual analytics. They can share the work and make an influence on their business. It provides a solution for all kind of departments, industries, and data environment. Tableau does not require a high level of programming language any user can access data and no need for a difficult setup.  Comparison of Business Intelligence Tools


Informatica co-founded by Gaurav Dhillon and Diaz Nesamoney in the year 1993. It headquartered in California. Informatica is software portfolio which can use as Business Intelligence solutions. But mainly it focused on Data Integration (B2B Data Exchange, ETL…). Although it can as Power Center, it’s not completely used as Business Intelligence Solutions. It can use to extract the data from different sources. After data can extract these data can be transformed and loaded into a Data warehouses. For data presentation, BI tool will helps which may include pie chart, line graph.Comparison of Business Intelligence Tools

Power BI:

As a matter of fact Power BI is a self-service, free business intelligence tool provided by Microsoft. As an illustration In Power BI users can create dashboards and reports on their own without depending on the data administration. It provides a 360-degree view for business users. In addition this tool brings the power of business intelligence to everyone. However It is the most powerful tool on the market.Comparison of Business Intelligence Tools

Comparison of Business Intelligence Tools:

Generally Buyers are in confusion stage when it comes to buying the BI software product, mainly worried about the features, cost, implementation, users reviews, advantages, and disadvantages.

Tableau Vs Informatica: Especially When it comes to features, every business considers features. Whether this tool gives the reports, needs, and workflow to your team. For Instance Tableau has 10 more features but we can know some features. Moreover they are Reporting, Analysis, Customizable Dashboard. As a result Informatica includes following: Basic Report, Data import/export, Online customer support. Furthermore Tableau software can used as Standalone, SaaS, Cloud while Informatica can used as Cloud, Standalone. By above these two tools which one is better? In this two BI software is necessarily better than other. Both give a Scalable performance and industry-leading features.

Tableau Vs Power BI

Price: In particular When it comes to price, Power BI is an inexpensive option. For a single user’s Tableau does not offer free versions but Power BI offers a free Desktop version. Equally Tableau offers a free trial in 14 days, Simultaneously Power BI offer 60 days free trial.

Data Source: Equally Important Tableau and Power BI both allowed to connect different data sources. However Tableau gives the best support to connect to a clear data warehouses, including Azure cloud platform Power BI highly integrated with Microsoft’s portfolio.

I hope you got some knowledge on Comparision of Business Intelligence tools.

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