Consequences of Cognos Analytics update
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The demand for technology changes from time to time. No technology cannot be on – demand all the time. sometimes the high and low demand technologies were reversed. Today IT team were thinking to speed up the technology. For every tool in the market, some people would be concentrating tool updation.  This is because tool updation makes the people attract. But if the updation is inaccurate, it leads to the unexpected results. Recently, in the month of October, IBM has updated the Cognos Analytics BI tools. And there some consequences of Cognos Analytics update. This update has some changes in the Cognos tools. these changes were attracted by the many people in the IT industry. Now today in this articles, let us know what is the exiting feature of Cognos tool after this update.?

Consequences of Cognos Analytics update :

In this decade, AI is ruling the IT industry. With the help of the cloud, AI increases the business performance and drive the competitive advantage in the IT industry.  it is a well-known fact that many IT professionals have got the value of AI in the industry. Today, when the data scientist deal with a large amount of data, capabilities like data science and machine learning provide the fast insights of the business.

Today many enterprises are interested in uses AI to get the right insights into the business. And they think that It is being used as a competitive advantage. As said earlier, IBM has announced a new version of analytics tool. This tool integrates business intelligence and data science technologies on the cloud.

The main impact of this Cognos analytic update is that, new AI assistant and pattern detection capability. This AI assistant enables the users to make queries and then receive the results in the natural language. According to IBM, besides receiving the answer, this tool also helpful in getting the source of the answer. Pattern detection is another great capability. Consequences of Cognos Analytics update

It automatically identifies and presents the critical relational ships with the data. But by this pattern detection mechanism,  the systems can eliminate the blind work. And we can get useful results through this mechanism. When we combine this foundational governance and trust capabilities into the Cognos Business Intelligence tool analytics. This provides the data policy, relevancy, and security. This AI and pattern detection not only gives fast insights. But this also helpful in providing the confidence results.

So this Artificial Intelligence and pattern detection has brought many changes in the Cognos tools. Today we do discuss some of them.

Storytelling :

By assembling the result visualizations into the sequence, it enables the user to create the interactive narrative. This enhances the sequence with media web pages, images and then finally text.

Smart explorations :  

By analyzing the data using machine learning and pattern recognition. It helps the user to better understand behind the result.

Automated visualizations :

Through the multi-stage recommendation system, the system will recommend the most useful visualization for the selected data. Along with the related visualizations, it provides data visualization in an alternative way.  Besides related visualizations, this provides quick insights into the data visualization tools.

Reusable content :

Using the existing dashboards and reports and reusing the existing relevant component the systems quickly assembles the new content. so, this saves more time to the analyst.

Advanced Analytics :

This includes predictive analytics. so, It means, it identifies the data patterns and key variables to drive a particular outcome. And smart annotation automatically annotates a visualization, to draw your attention to the system key insights.

So with this, Cognos TM1 Online Training Hyderabad says IBM has integrated the  business intelligence tools and data science in Cognos

Recommended audience :

 Software Developers

Project managers

Database Administrators

Prerequisites :

It good to have a basic knowledge of one of the programming languages like C, Java, Python. And one basic idea on storage programming like SQL, but not mandatory. finally, trainers of OnlineITguru will teach you from the basics if you do not have knowledge.

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