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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
Dashboard Starters and Pivots in Tableau?

Today I came with a topic How to use Dashboard Starters and Pivots in Tableau? One thing we want to observe Why more peoples want to join in Tableau platform? Answer: Today It is the most trending technology and it makes analyzing the data very fastly, easy to learn those are all the best reasons to use Tableau. It helps the people to understand and see data and transfers without limitation visual analytics.

Ask anybody, which is the master technology in the market? the answer will be Tableau. In This year number of updates was released by Tableau, so many updates take place who want to know those updates check previous blogs. For More updates get touch with online training. Dear Readers, take an attention and give some time to read this blog. If anyone like my blog please share on social media it will help somebody. Let's come to the topic How to use Dashboard Starters and Pivots in Tableau.

Dashboard Starters and Pivots in Tableau

Announcing Dashboard Starters:

By announcing this update we can visualize the business data in the fastest way. How can we visualize the data fastly? Let's see. With 2018.1 release, Tableau Launches Dashboard Starters, It allows the online customers from common business to quickly visualize data like ServiceNow and Salesforce. Dashboards Starters comes from the pre-designed dashboards, built to helps the business running with actionable data in minutes. It's time to stop using normal dashboards instead of starting a data visualization from scratch, do one simple thing: give account credentials and Tableau retrieves automatically the similar data to power your dashboards.How to use Dashboard Starters and Pivots in Tableau

How to Use Dashboard Starters:

On Tableau online Site we can find the Dashboard Starters in new connect to data. If we select the Starter and want to use that one, we want to do one thing just need to name a project and then save the new workbook. Just within a few clicks, we will receive an excellent dashboard regarding business data. We can use the dashboards as-is or modify it according to the business requirement. Dashboards Starters are available today for the below technologies.


Oracle Eloqua


ServiceNow ITSM

Try Once Dashboard Starters on Tableau Online and easy to analyze the data faster than ever. How to use Dashboard Starters and Pivots in Tableau for this question, you got some idea how to use Dashboard Starters? For more information and updates on Tableau meet Tableau Training

How to Perform Coordinated Pivots:

Let's see how to perform Coordinate pivots in Tableau Prep. People-friendly data is frequently recorded and captured with board format with so many columns. Machine-readable data is in tall format, it looks very good with more rows and fewer columns. Tableau chose data in machine-readable format. We want to use data in machine-readable format, need to perform a pivot. In Tableau, pivot means to exchange the data from the broad format with so many columns to the fewer tall format. Tableau prep allows seeing how your data changes, It makes the pivoting visual.

From above paragraph as we discuss that sometimes, in Tableau analyzing the data in cross tab format(wide data) is very difficult. When working with a text file, Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel by using pivots. This post shows the how to perform pivots in Tableau. Take an example, suppose you have a number of devices sold by quarter and three sellers in three different fields. You can pivot the data number of devices will be one field and seller will be one field. The below figure shows the data was the pivot.

After you have set up the data, in the grid select three columns. The new columns appear in the below figure one is "Pivot Fields Names and another one is "Pivot Fields Values". If you want to add more data to the pivot add another column. From this blog know How to use Dashboard Starters and Pivots in Tableau I hope you got some idea on this blog.How to use Dashboard Starters and Pivots in Tableau

Recommended Audience :

Software developers

ETL  developers

Project Managers

Team Lead’s


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