Data Bag Creation Using DevOps
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Data Bag is a  Global  Variable which stores  JSON  data. It uses for searching. And it  loaded by accessing during a search. It  manages  a chef management console web interface. This will allows each data bag item to store confidential information. We use encryption for database passwords. In this blog, you can understand  Data Bag creation using devops. You can follow devops online training to get updates of devops.

Data Bag creation using devops

Creating  a knife Data bag from  file

data bag creation can be done in two ways. They are using Knife method or Manual Method. Generally, Knife method uses for the database creation. Both can be used to create data bag folders and data bag item using JSON.  But both knife and manual method are safe and effective. Chef server uses for to store share, global data between nodes using data bags.

Knife interact with chef servers to manage its nodes, roles & cookbooks.Knife uses to read and write data blogs. We can use both encrypted & non-encrypted data blogs. It uses for the store and deploys sensitive data.T he sensitive data uses are passwords or  SSL Certificate etc. You can create, update and read encrypted data bags. You get chef Data Bag Creation Using DevOps examples in DevOps online training.

Store Data  in a Data Bag

Create data bags first. After that sub-directory is created with the same name as data bag. For each data bag, a JSON file is created and placed in a sub-directory. when deploying from a private repository using data bag. We can use  deploy_Key option to ensure private key is present

Data Bag items

A  data bag is  a collection of  data bag items.  Each individual data bag item is a  JSON file. knife loads data bag item by specifying the name of the Data Bag Creation Using DevOps. The structural requirement of data bag item  must have an id.

Encrypt a Data bag item

For version 0:

Version 0 allows to store confidential information. Each  database items encrypts individually. If there are multiple encrypted data big items, then they are not required to share the same encryption keys. An encrypted data bag item writes  in YAML  format. Base  64 encoding is uses to preserve some special characters. data is encrypt using AES-256-CBC.

 For version 1

An encrypted data writes in JSON   format. Base 64  uses for preserving special characters. Data  encrypts at  AES-256-CBC. A  data bag  encrypts  random initialization.

 The values of Data Bag Creation Using DevOps item are decrypted. Along with the values associated with id, the key is not encrypted.

For version 2

It is same as version 1. It  can disable version 0  and version 1 encryption formats.version 2  adds  encrypt-then-mac  protection.

Knife  options

In knife encrypt and decry-pt options available for data bag items .here  we can create, edit from the file.

There ate two options available in knife.they are the secret option and secret file.

Edit  a data bag item

we use knife and chef management console for editing. we use edit argument for editing knife. if encryption is done it can be decrypted also. the data will be available in EDITOR. First  open the $EDITOR .after  opening you can update the data. Similarly first open chef management console. then click on policy and click data bags. Then select data bag and finally, you can edit there. You can also clear information in DevOps online course.

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