DataWeave transformation in MuleSoft

DataWeave is the important tool of Mulesoft. It is full-featured native frame work. DataWeave uses  for  querying  and transformation of data .Transformation  is from one one format to another. Usually  the format  of source  system to  new  destination system. In this article you get idea about DataWeave transformation in MuleSoft. furthermore  information on MuleSoft  follow  MuleSoft online training.

Data Weave transformation in  MuleSoft

What  is DataWeave ?

DataWeave is language for transformation of data  and querying.therefore It includes connectivity layer  and engine. It  also  contains data access  layer that will  index content.So, The data  can be access binary format. DataWeave makes even the most complex data into simple format.

The  DataWeave have lot of operators like Operators, Functions and Filters. It will also supports  for JAVA and  EDI. We use dw()  Function  for quick query of data and use it. So, They uses  for payloads and Route Data. 

DataWeave supports variety of  transformations. Transformation is from simple one-one  to  More elaborate mapping. Almost The mapping includes normalization, grouping, joins and reduplication. It supports formats of  XML,CSV,JSON,POJOS,MAPS etc. So, DataWeave is mostly integrated with data science. So, It is lightweight  expression  language. It is divided  into two  sections. maybe the two section are delimited by a dash separator. They two sections are Header and the body.


The DataWeave header has directives. They will define high level of information about transformation.The structure of header is with a sequence of lines. Due to They have their own directives. Maybe Some of them are DataWeave version, input and output sources. So, Namespace uses  for import into your transform. And constants , functions are referenced throughout  the body.


The body contains  the output structure regardless of input. Finally, the output is described in standard DataWeave language. The data model of the output has three different types of data. They are Objects, Arrays  and Simple literals. Maybe Objects is a Collection of key value pairs. Arrays represent a comma separated values.

DataWeave Transformation

DataWeave Transformation  is very  essential in every day activities. It plays a main role in Digitization process. We are using Anypoint Studio which is a GUI for building Mule. Anypoint studio is integration development Environment. So, It uses for designing and  testing mule application also You can deploy  the application and run on  mule Server.  DataWeave transformation in MuleSoft

Above  is  example of  DataWeave mule  application  from  CSV  Format  to XML  Format. Here  we have taken  CSV  as the input source.  So, We can also  convert  JSON  to XML  format. therefore Each integration encounters successful transformation of data from one data type to another data type. Mulesoft is best example  for dataWeave  Transformations.

Our Goal is to  Convert CSV  File to  XML File . There  no need to install ANY POINT Studio. Initially use the file inbound  connector  to read the file. And  Drag & Drop  the transformer  from Design to  flow. Next  Double click the  component  and set  metadata. So, here Input is the CSV File and Output is XML. Then use another File out bound connector  to store XML file. At last Execute MULE Application  and  check  the console. In console You will Notice  the successful  Deployment of  Mule Application. DataWeave transformation in MuleSoft

In this way Mule application is deployed. So, you can also get more information on Mule Application in OnlineItguru. Similarly You can also develop your own applications through Mulesoft online course. Probably They will help you deploy the applications in a simpler manner. DataWeave transformation in MuleSoft

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It is good to have basic programming concepts in Java. And basics of information bases and servers. likewise if you have no idea also no problem. Finally, onlineitguru will guide you everything .They will help you to understand each and every concept clearly. So, You can also follow  Mulesoft  online training  for important updates of mulesoft.

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