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Many people think that DevOps is hard, but complex methodologies adopted to make the devops more challenging. DevOps is more about goals and aspirations than any set of tools and practices. The concept of Devops can be easily implemented and applied in small organizations. But there are fewer constraints and moving parts as most of operation skills are already aligned and close together.  But when it was applied to large organizations.

The operation would be a bit painful.  How Devops become Successful this complex development programs and traditional organisation structure result in no storage of failed attempts for established teams.  Unexpectedly, certain teams in large organization will find a way to achieve moderate devops success stories. Even, if the organization does not provide right tools. Infrastructure and support. Such successful transformation tends to show up on a greenfield project progressive leader. Where there is a possibility for the team to assemble people with required skills. And choose a way they want to work.

For people who were looking to implement devops practices across the entire organization. These progressive teams provide a great opportunity provides to scale success. The following steps provide you to put Devops on your right path.

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Do not force DevOps as a concept:

Many people think that DevOps, a concept that should taught to everyone in the organization. But rather than teaching to everyone in the organization. It good to show use cases of DevOps  to the team member and results achieved through it before  teaching.

Learn DevOps by practicing:

 The best way to learn devops, by practicing. People can change their mindset not only by reading books about devops Success Stories  (or) sitting about Devops Mantras. Today many organizations have started programs for teams to practice applying devops practices to their own work in a  guided series of sprints on a compresses time scale. This makes the team experience what it feels to work differently. So they can take their leanings back and apply them to their work streams.

Devops Work Flow/ OnineITGuru

Think Devops as a Journey:

Devops adoption like making software, where something done for you all at once. Many people think that devops, simple and one time task. Today many people frustrating. Leave devops as they aim straight at the top of the mountain. When working with software teams at different levels of maturity, it helps to lay out journey ahead of time so that teams can orient themselves.

Success need Collaboration

As Devops adoption sweeps through an organization, it generally creates a common collaboration layer that teams can use, adapt and integrate with the unique parts of the individual pipelines. An organization contains several teams which hold several projects like mobile apps, Web sites, and back-end need with unique needs.  But these all required to plan, discuss, track, store, review, test and deploy their work. A strong coordination between people guides to create new signup of teams. Moreover Security and risk folk. Programs and portfolio managers also stand to gain when they interface with fewer tools and teams use the same language and base constructs. In other words, a common platform provides economies of scale, consistency between the teams and reduce risk. This success story for devops makes possible for many technologies.

In real time devops is not about collaboration in particular. But about finding the ways to make the management faster and efficient. Better collaboration between different teams within organizations, the best way to achieve efficiency.  All trends require developers and operation professionals to acquire new Devops engineer skills. Devops will be going to change future at any cost which you cannot expect.

Recommended audience:
  • Software Developer
  • System Admins
  • Team Leaders
  • Project leaders

DevOps, you can start it by understanding principles and tools. It’s good if the people have knowledge of programming and some IT operations. It’s quite easy for CS background people to learn when compared to other branches. But anyone can master it with proper learning and training.

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