Devops is a combination of two words. Development and operations. It means it needs to coordinate with development team and operations team in order to fulfill task. Global Devops market research platform gives systematic approach to gather familiar concepts in devops industry. It includes chain structure and market strategy of current trends with competitors and future market strategy. It gives best report on SWOT analysis in order to gain insights on Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats.

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Global Market Strategy:

DevOps platform market branched into different products types. Applications and time zones. Further, this report contains company profiles of all manufacturers, their income, expenditure, annual revenue, sales revenue. Asia Pacific, Latin America, North America and Africa are major places that involved in DevOps as per Global Market strategy. Due to progressive increase of technologies in North American countries like United States and Canada. They drastic change usage of devops technology and Devops market platform revenue.

Data Transformation:

When transferring data between applications, data transferred either in point- point message system or publisher subscribe message system. In pub-sub communication system broker responsible for transfer of data between publisher and subscriber. Whenever data sent by a publisher it should received by subscriber when it subscribes. In some cases, even publisher send a message and consumer subscribes it. Consumer may not get data sent by publisher. Reason for why data is not coming. It may one of the reasons.

Latency of message due to hardware failure. Whenever we occurred a problem, we say like some problem has occurred and cannot transfer the message. No Identification for cause of problem occurrence due to lack of knowledge on hardware systems that he was using. Many people today use tools but do know how does tool work. If he would known the working too.

Today Devops working in same manner. DevOps simply defined an INFRASTRUCTURE AS A CODE. Many professionals, developers simply abstract way and automate as much as he can. But he does not know how platform works. Today many developers started working on code and data center is far away from code. But it’s not a case for whole time. Soon data centers will be nearer (or) around developers.


To overcome this problem, the following precautions must be taken

Business impact:

Devops task connected to applications as they support. And business should identify applications that devops is suited. This also ensures that development people understand business process cycle.


Implementation of continuous delivery means every small change to application must effect continuously. If updation done instantly, Devops should responsible for making pipeline in order to maintain a continuous delivery of data.

Coordination with Non – IT departments: 

Every person in software development is responsible for building project. We need to plug in all people in software development. Even though they were not belonging to IT department. People who were in non – technical department like HR has a role in production of software. Devops friendly environment ensures non–technical department must be in collaboration with development and operations team. Otherwise non –technical issues may occur during real time.

Correct path : 

All transactions(changes like transitioning from servers and virtual machines to containers ) in devops must done according to rule. And policies designed Violation of these would cause a hard time of adopting devops strategy.

Recommended audience:
  • Software Developer
  • System Admins
  • Who has exposure to automation

Start your career with DevOps by understanding its principles and tools. You would need to implement them. It’s a bit easy for CS background people to pick up when compared to other branches.  But anyone can master it with by proper learning and training.

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