Difference between Angular Versions
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Before going to the know the difference between Angular versions, let’s know what is Angular? Angular is an open-source MVC(Model-View-Controller) JavaScript (programming language) framework. With Angular JS we can standardize web applications and provide a future template for app development. Angular provides a lot of benefits to create all kind of web apps. It has several benefits like templates, two-way data binding, directives, dependency injection and also which can use to create a Single Page Application(SAP). If we want to choose any technology then the following should consider.

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Maintenance of the existing code

Testing of the code

Code Re-usability

Modularity and Scalability for Team Development

Using Controllers, Modules, Providers, and, Factories we can achieve code re-usability in AngularJS and share the code within the application. For every angular application, Angular module API is the root element. Karma and Jasmine are the tools to do operations of unit testing and end to end testing. Unit testing and an end to end testing are the features in AngularJS. It increases the speed of the development with modular and scalable code. Before AngularJS came into the market, we can use J Query as to the perform the client operations. But, there are some limitations, to avoid those by AngularJS.

It also Provides

Client-side validations

Inbuilt Filters for data manipulation

Directives for argumentation of functionality of HTML tags.

Dependency Injection for implementation external libraries.

The above points are some uses that AngularJS provide for client development. An angular is a great tool, that enables to create software fast and with less effort. It allows to become proficient in a reasonable time and allow to collaborate easier with other peoples. Here in this blog know the difference between the Angular versions. Let’s have a look on this article.

Difference Between Angular Versions

Angular is an amazing framework for web applications introduced by Google. The first version of the Angular is known as AngularJS, it was released in 2010 by Misko Hevery. This was developed as a side project. Finally, this side project becomes an AngularJS.

Difference between Angular Versions

What’s new in Angular 2 compared to Angular JS

Well, as discussed above AngularJS is a popular JavaScript framework for creating web applications. It becomes very popular why because of its rich features and built-in functionality to create responsive web apps. But, every application has some limitations right! same as Angular JS has some problems, that are, in the year 2012-14 the frameworks like react.js and ember.js become very popular (developed by Facebook). Those are highlighting the Angluar JS drawbacks. To reduce those problems, the team decided to create a new framework that is Angular 2.

The Angular 2 was introduced in September 2016 which was completely different from AngularJS. The developer’s team decide to go ahead with the same name except with the JS part. We can write applications by using Angular 2, those are very compatible. Injectors changed significantly, and Angular 2 has Decorator, Component, and Template directive.

From Angular 2 to Angular 4

There were some major changes take place, but mostly the changes were taking place in a project structure with a lot of refractors that made frameworks stable. From Angular 2 to Angular 4, has reduced its package file size by 60%.

From Angular 4 to Angular 5

Angular 5 contains a lot of features, performance improvements and released in October 2017. Angular 5 reduces the code size by removing the unwanted code. Added some improvements on abstract class methods and interfaces and application testing.

Watch mode

More flexible metadata

Make AOT default

Type checking in templates

Smooth upgrades

Hybrid Upgrade application

Better error messages.

Thanks for reading, hope it helps. Through this blog, I explained Difference Between Angular Versions. I know this is not sufficient for some people but, what I have in my mind just put in this blog. If you want to get more knowledge on Angular JS then join Onlineitguru.

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