Every Company need to know 6 Benefits of Azure

For every business Information Technology is a key point to the success. This is practically true for large companies, who are trying to meet their customer needs. In today’s world, cloud computing technology reached the top position.  Some companies like AWS, Microsoft, Tableau, Cloud-era, etc., have released their cloud computing tools and working on their developments. Before going to know this blog, just a small overview on Azure who are don’t know about Azure. This blog explains the Every Company need to know 6 Benefits of Azure.

There is a very hard competition between them to bring best and top cloud computing platform.We have heard it from many sources and many times that is cloud computing is the future of IT. With the cloud, we can enable the consumption of technology services with low infrastructural overhead. Let’s have to take a look on Azure. Some key consideration and benefits which should know every company to their success.

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Microsoft Azure – A Brief Introduction

The original name is Windows Azure, launched on February 1st, 2010 but it was translated into Microsoft Azure on March 25th, 2014. This is a cloud computing platform. It is not a small term among these days, offers a range of cloud services. Microsoft Azure was designed to develop, build and manage different applications and services. This also includes services pertaining to compute, storage, networking, and analysis. Users can use it as per their requirement. Azure providing the services such as SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, apart from these it provides other languages, tools, and frameworks. Microsoft Azure helps for business to increase their productivity and it helps to stay competitive. A lot of companies and people can shift to this technology because they know it benefits. Here what cloud can do for your business? Let’s have look on the blog Every Company needs to know 6 Benefits of Azure.

Every Company need to know 6 Benefits of Azure

  1. Increase Productivity and Resource Utilisation

Every business should create an infrastructure which has been maintained by a team and they receive more capital.

Generally Companies have a big team to manage IT Infrastructure for this reason Business can move the entire IT Infrastructure into the cloud. All are well professionals, they will perform all operations and maintenance who are certified in the cloud. So, we can save money in maintaining and establishing the infrastructure.

Every Company need to know 6 Benefits of Azure

  1. Pay for what you use

By using this one we can pay money for used resources only thereby reducing the cost and save money. The remaining money will use important business factors. This is the best benefits. It is very important for small and medium companies. To illustrate Azure has the functionality to Scale down or Scale-up the resources, the following will save your cost on

Upgrading New software.

Disaster Recovery.

Electricity Usage

Data Protection.

Buying new hardware.

Microsoft Azure could help the Business to increase at any time.

Every Company need to know 6 Benefits of Azure

  1. Updated Hardware and Software

This platform comes with all resources updated by automatically. Based on the requirement the license for the software will be maintained and updated. According to the EMA, report states that 61% of IT companies reduced their cost of upgrading and maintaining.

  1. Azure supports Open Source

Generally It supports “Open Source” this will help the business to adopt Azure in their IT environment. Specifically I think have we never heard this news that is running Red Hat Linux under Microsoft services? With Azure it’s possible, this is the biggest adoption from Microsoft. It supports all open sources software and language developments. Therefore API management is another feature in Azure.

  1. Big Data Support

To perform big data analysis, Microsoft integrated tools starts supports Hadoop. This the biggest requirement for every organization. To enumerate it will take the organization to the next level. Azure has a capability to process any amount of data at one moment. Thanks for reading. I hope this may get some idea for Every Company need to know 5 Benefits of Azure. Get knowledge on Azure then click on the below link.

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Recommended Audience:

Software developers

ETL developers

Project Managers

Team Lead’s


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