Evolutionary design of Azure
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As soon as we came into 2018, usage of cloud services has increased rapidly.  Today many vendors are offering cloud service. However, every service provider has its own importance and feature. Today  Microsoft Azure is one of the best cloud platform services that provide services to its clients at low cost with high efficiency. But do you think how to do these services were being provided? And also how these have got came into the market?  Evolutionary design of Azure will answer these questions.

Before going to know the evolutionary design of Azure, let me introduce you What is Azure?

Azure :

Initially is the product on Windows.  Later it became the product of Microsoft under the Microsoft Azure in 2014. This is the cloud-computing platform, designed to build, deploy and manage applications and services through a global network of data centers. This cloud service platform is a trending and most suggestable platform now – a- days by many IT professionals.

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Evolutionary design of Azure

All the successful applications change over time. The reason for the change in these applications is adding new features  (or)  making the changes to the existing feature (or) to fix bugs in the existing systems. It the system has been designed in the tightly coupled way, we could have achieved all these results. Basically, an application is composed of several services.  When these services can evolve and teams can innovate and continuously deliver the features.

Enforce high cohesion and loose coupling:

Before knowing this concept, let me define you what is Cohesion? In addition, what is coupling?  A service is said to be cohesive service if it provides the functionality that logically works together

It is may be of two types. A service is said to be loosely coupled, if the change in one service may not affect the change in another service. For an instance,  if you find that updating a service requires a coordinated update of their services, it may be signed as services were not cohesive.Evolutionary design of Azure

Now, let me  take you to the  next section

Encapsulate domain knowledge :

When a client consumes a service, the responsibility of handling the business rules should not fall on the client. Instead, the service should encapsulate all the domain knowledge, that falls under its responsibility.  Otherwise, the client may end up domain knowledge, spread across the different various parts of the application.

Expose open interface :

Avoid creating custom layers that sit between transition services. Instead, a service should be exposed to open interface using a well-defined API contract. An  API should be versioned so that we can evolve the API while maintaining the backward compatibility. This is the way, where we can update the service without coordinating the updates of all other streams in the application that depend on it.

Use asynchronous message :

It is the way to decouple the messages from the producer.  The producer doesn’t even know who is consuming the message. Moreover, new service can be easily consumed without any modification to the producer.Evolutionary design of Azure

 Develop and test service contracts:

When the services expose the well-defined API ’s, the developer can develop and test against those API’s.  It is the way, where we can develop and test each service independently without spinning up of individual of all its dependent services.

Deploy services Independently :

 Usually when a DevOps team deploys the service,  which is independent of other services updates can happen more quickly and safely.  Moreover, we can roll out the bug fixes and new features. Design both the application and release process to support independent updates.

Hope my dear readers, you got a clarity regarding the evolutionary design of Azure. Not only that, it has some more hidden features which were unknown.

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