Expected Date and Features for IOS 12.0

In these modern days, the phone has become a common Gadget. Today 90 %  of the people were using the mobiles. Among them, most of the people were passionate to buy branded phones like iPhones.  Every product has updated by increasing the version numbers saying 1, 2, 3………Let us know the list of IOS versions.

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For each update, there is an increment of features.Now in this blog, you are going to know about the expected date and release of ios 12.

Before going to know about the expected release date of IOS 12, let us have a brief introduction to IOS. IOS is a mobile operating system developed by  Apple Inc. for Ipad, iPhone and iPod Touch.  Updates for IOS released through iTunes Software. iPhone doesn’t have any official name until the official Release of iPhone Software development kit on March 6, 2008.  When iPhone was introduced,  it is named as iPhone OS. iPhone is not only the device that works s on Apple OS with the existence of iPad, iPod Touch.

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IOS 11 brought a big change in ipads and fewer changes to iphones.Now Apple Inc. supposes to release the IOS 12, all the problem faced in the previous version. It may launch this around June 2018. The release not revealed till now explicitly. This will come as an inbuilt update for the gadgets that have built recently and yet to be built. Firstly, they were going to launch  Beta version, and the final Beta public system is supposed to be released after the next version release of iPhone( It may be iPhone9 which is on around September 2018). The expected  features of  IOS12 were discussed below:

WIFI and Bluetooth toggles that work properly:

The major drawback of IOS11 is that we cannot directly turn off either  Wifi or Blue Tooth devices.  They must go the Setting option to turn off their requirements.Probably in IOS12 you would have an option to turn off toggles in the next version.

Wishlist in the APP store:

An App store an Integrated part of Apple gadget which useful for searching, downloading and installing the apps from the store. But in certain cases, you see some apps and save it to a wishlist so as to download and install later. This a missing feature in IOS11 which supposed to be present in IOS 12. Customize your own apps on IOS.

A movable back button: 

 We have a fewer number of  Apple gadgets when compared to Android gadgets. When a user wishes to go back to the previous page he simply by pressing a back button which placed on the right side of the gadget.  Many people right-handed.  But the drawback with iPhone gadget you don’t have a back button for going to the previous page which supposed to implemented in the next version of Apple gadget.

More Power Files:

Files play a major role in storing the data in a secure way.  But the files placed here a bit confusing as files stored not visible unless there the files created by the end user.  Now in its latest version, it supposed to provide a structure for Android phones in the next Apple gadget.

Center customization: 

 people love the gadget if they have an option to create a shortcut of the required app and also have an option to remove the likes of music controls which the current version of IOS  does not support.  It supposed in the IOS next version gadget.

System-wide autofill:

Passwords are the way to secure your gadgets from the other people. IOS has failed the concept of autofill passwords where the user has to type the password or copy paste so as to log in to the account. It is going to improve the concept of the auto-fill password in the next generation.

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