Expected features of Android 9.0
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Reading different types of articles makes the people more interesting in reading the blog. I hope you people were got vexed in reading the technological articles. For a change, I would like to share the expected features of Android 9.0

In today’s world,  Android mobile became the most common gadget.  It has become most common gadget like, there is no person without a mobile. This gadget has been using the children even from 8 the standards. From this age, they were using the personal mobiles.Moreover, it has become a companion (or) a device for children.Not only for the children, it has been used by different kinds of people, in different ways like a mother (used for playing songs to make the child asleep), old age people (for listening to the ethics ) and business professionals etc.

So likewise, this mobile plays a major role in everyone’s life today.  Even it has happened a decade since its release, it does not lose its popularity and demand in the market. The secret of having high demand in the market is due to the release of the various version in the market.  Since its release, it has been releasing various versions under different names and the latest version is Android 9.0.  Today in this article, I would like to share the  Expected features of Android 9.0.

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Expected features of Android 9.0

Before going o explain the expected features of Android, I would  like to  introduce  Android

Android is basically an operating system developed basically for mobile applications. It has been first released on the market in the year 2008. Since its release, it has been releasing new versions, by adding new features to the existing operating systems. It has been naming the versions, under different names like Donuts, Eclair ………………….. Oreo. Recently, it was going to launch a new version, under a new name with going to start with p. Till today, the name of the operating system was unnamed. But it was going to name it starting with ‘p’. As of now, its expected name was going to be Popsicle (but not sure).

This name was initially revealed by Google. It additionally said the developer preview has launched recently. This preview was initially released in  PIXEL phones like Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2  and Pixel 2 XlL. This previews will also be available in other mobiles in the mid of may – 2018.The full preview will soon go to launch in September  2018. Today you can  download this system image and flash it to a device (or) run it In an emulator

As said to you previously,  the expected features of Android 9.0 is high and many people were curious regarding the expected features of Android 9.0. let me take  you to the expected features of Android 9.0

App style :

So far, we were expecting the app style in the form of rectangular style. But in this version, we were going to have apps embedded in a circle.Expected features of Android 9.0

Foldable displays :

 The next mobiles are going to have foldable displays like Galaxy X

Buttons :

In this update,  Google is changing the notification bar, regarding buttons.  In this update, we were going to have a long home button.This looks somewhat similar to iPhone – x. Moreover  here we would move to the next apps that scroll horizontally, rather than to scroll verticallyExpected features of Android 9.0


Basically, the date is usually displayed on the right of the mobile. Nut here were going  to experienceExpected features of Android 9.0

the date at the left corner

Sound and setting :

Today Bluetooth devices were being brought along with mobile devices. In this new feature, we were going to experience same sound when it was connected to a wired or wireless device

Along with the features mentioned above, there some more other features that hidden. Along with this, there were many apps that were launching day –to – day. Get the best training n Android for app making from onlineITGuru through Android online Course Bangalore.

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