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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
Expected Road Map of JAVA 11

Days, weeks, months, years passed. But the importance of JAVA has not decreased. Even after 2 decades of its arrival the importance as not decreased. In this two decades, many programming languages came into existence. But no programming language has overcome it. This programming language is very popular. Because a person completely works on java throughout his working career. In some cases, his son also works in JAVA. So by this, you can understand how much and why Java is important? This powerful programming language has releasing the updates sequentially, day-to-day. In this life journey over the past two decades, it has released several versions. Its latest version is 10. Now this JAVA people is going to launch its latest version, under the name JAVA 11 soon. Today in this article I would like to share you the Expected road map of JAVA 11.

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We usually update something to overcome the problems of older versions. While overcoming, some problems along with adding new features. Sometimes, we need to remove some features (or) editions. One of the examples of removing those editions is JAVA 11. This JAVA 11 removes the support of COBRA, JAVA EE, and JAVA FX. But we have several features added in this version. so let me explain to you the expected road-map of Java 11.

Expected Road Map of JAVA 11:

The following are the expected Road Map of JAVA 11. Let me explain to you one – by- one in detail.

Dynamic Class file constants :

The JAVA class format will be extended to support a pool dynamic named, Constant _ dynamic. The goal is to develop a new class of materialization class constraints at low cost.

The local Variable syntax for Lambda expressions :

We usually use var for a function in the local parameter. After we usually provide the type and access specifier to it. It means that before assigning the values to the local variable, the types of the variable is fixed. But this would be a problem in some case. So to avoid this, Java people have introduced Local variable type Inference. It means that we need to declare/create only the variable names. we need not specify the type of variable in advance, it would automatically take the types of variable.

Ex :

(var x, var y) -> x.process(y)

We’ll be able to simply write:

(x, y) -> x.process(y)

Elipson :

The official name of this JEP is “ No OP- Garbage collector”. Its major purpose is to develop the garbage collector. Moreover, without implementing the actual memory reclamation mechanism.

Expansion of Switch statement ():

Through this expansion, this statement can be used as an expression (or) as a statement. This improves how the switch () handles nulls. These changes would simplify the coding. Moreover, it has helped to switch and prepare for pattern matching.Expected Road Map of JAVA 11

Adding of string Literals :

Adding of literals to JAVA makes the program easy to read with no java indicators. It makes simpler to supply a string targeted on grammar other than Java. Moreover, it also supplies the string spanning of several lines of codes.

As we know that, java is tied up with Oracle. It means it has been supporting this programming languages over the years. The way it supports is proving the database as the back-end to the front-end programming. The bond between these two companies was stated as long-term support. Simply called as LTS. It means it would support the service over a certain period of years. Before this LTS agreement would be 5 years. this agreement has now reduced to 3 years. This is due to increase in numbers of clients to the Oracle and frequent release of updates by JAVA,

Along with this, there are many more additional features available in Java 11.

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