Advanced Business Intelligence is divided into three types namely: SSAS, SSIS, and SSRS. Let’s discuss the interaction between SSAS and MSBI in detail

SSAS stands for SQL Server Analyses Services which is a part of Microsoft Business Intelligence to develop online analytical processing Solution, In other words, it a technology for faster and deeper analysis of data in order to create cubes from data mart (or) data warehouses. A data Source view is an insulation data between actual data source and solutions where the schema can be modified as per our requirements. A star schema is used in the schema structure, where different dimension tables were directly connected to the fact table. It is the way of how does SSAS interact with MSBI.

msbi online training in hyderabadHere dimensions were classified into two types: Database dimensions which can be perceived as a master template and Cube dimensions which can be perceived as an instance of the master template. Cubes were the multidimensional databases which have dimension and facts to its basic constituents.These details were generally stored in a pre-aggregated proportional format where the user can analyze the huge amount of data and slice the required data very easily. Here MDX is a query language table used to query a cube, similar to the T-SQL which is used to query the data in SQL Server. MDX is a part of  OLD DB  for OLAP specification of Microsoft.   Some of the other OLAP providers support MDX are Micro strategy’s Intelligence server, and SAS’s Enterprise BI, Server Hyperion’s Essbase server

Adventure Works is the simple databases available from Microsoft for all purpose as well as different SQL versions. This database is used for cube design and development, where it contains all the dimensions and prepopulated data to start an SSAS project.

Data in OLTP is suited that to support convenient data storage for user application. For data warehousing environments, data needs to be required in the schema which supports the dimensional model. For analyzing the data in the data warehouse, Using ETL Data needs to be transformed from OLTP storage system to data warehouse, where the end user can align the data in a suitable format to create data from a data warehouse.

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Analysis services will have the capacity to recover information from Databases through DB interface (or).Net Provider interface. A Data source contains one fact table, with some number of measurements connected by joins where an information source is populated by an OLTP information base, is called an Operational Data Base (ODS). An ODS is a single entity in putting away the information from different Source, which serves as a single source of data for your data warehouse.

Analysis services use cartridge device which allows you to use an relevant SQL language and extensions to talk to the different relational databases and systems which include SQL server, IBM 2, Tera data, Oracle. A database wizard allows you to create data sources on an existing database collection that allows you to create data sources where a single connection can be shared by the analytics services for multiple data sources.

I finally conclude how SSAS interacts with MSBI through it supported types.

These data sources supported by two types:

.Net providers:  The Microsoft has created an a.Net framework and programming language, where the framework is used to run the Common Language Runtime (CLR) environment. This framework is itself is a huge class where it exposes tons of functionality which contains a managed code.

OLE DB Data providers:

OLE DB is an industry standard that defines a set of COM objects that which allows users to access the data from different sources, where the data comes from various sources like Microsoft Access, Microsoft project and various database management systems

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