Bloomberg published that How Facebook making cryptocurrency for money transactions with well-known messaging app WhatsApp. We already know that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted on his Facebook page. That regularly he was more interested in cryptocurrency projects. For Instance, if we think about a concept of centralization and Decentralization. Many of us think that technology, the best decentralizing force and it gives power to the hands of people. For the most part mission of Facebook is to give people the power. If we go back to 1990 and 2000s many of us thought that technology a decentralizing force.

But as of now, many people believe that technology helping their lives and show ways to earn money. Regularly With the growth of tech Empires and government making use of technology to see their citizens. Many of us believe that technology has the power to change this world. Cryptocurrency and encryption were current trends now. This technologies access to power from systems and give it back to people. But it has a risk of controlling and am Interested in going into depth of this technology. And Especially best to Implement in services.

Facebook and Blockchain:-

After this world has seen that Facebook is more Interested in blockchain technology to make money online. Last year in a casual post of Facebook.however The former CEO of messenger David Marcus, board member of crypto exchange Coin base. Showed that he was going with the option to setup latest group targeted on exploring apps in blockchain technology on the total Facebook.

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PayPal with Facebook:-

Especially In the upcoming months, Facebook will recruit product managers and legal experts who have experience in the transactions section and payment sections to make money. Fairly 40 Expert team containing PayPal former employees known as $FB Blockchain team.  Facebook recently took a business development team for foreign matters. Facebook contains blockchain team from past 8 months and Facebook sending so many cryptographers and researchers to top educational Institutes. Recently Facebook chief members attended a crypto conference, one of them give an idea that Designing a Decentralizing digital currency for 2 billion social network users.

Stable coin:-

Especially Bloomberg is saying.That Facebook is designing its stable coin on its own basis for getting Money bank and sending money in the Whats App. Facebook.Inc, working on many cryptocurrencies that in-depth designs user to do money transactions on Whats App messaging application. Targeting on remittance market of India. According to people same with matter. it Develops stable coin that, a method of currency to the US dollar to make minimum volatility and people asked not to discuss the internal plans. it much far from Designing a path for custody wealth or general currencies that need to secure stable coin.

Facebook and Cryptocurrency:-

Generally, Facebook Design a Cryptocurrency wallet people know how to make money online. And pay money to shareholders or with FB ads. Why means blockchain can Design many transactions for free. Facebook and its partners will go for a side by credit card processing charges. This Facebook can offer 3% off purchases that create face coin or with the same promotion.

As a matter of fact By this type of offers. Facebook will have many Facebook users into the world of Facebook cryptocurrency feature. By that everybody will get Idea how to earn money. It best designed to operate such a scheme and we have to thank more extensive connections. with nine million advertisers and 85 million businesses that have Facebook pages. The social network will charge the costs of operating the program. sending transaction fee savings to users. while attempting partnerships with Facebook crypto as a good way to improve sales for your business. By that, as a gift you will get your clients to keep money on Facebook ads as the Discount increase conversion rates and give more sales.

Facebook Micro payments:-

Consequently By Facebook messenger, you can send money and earn money for free. But by the guidance of PayPal account or debit card. It will offer cryptocurrency depended payments. between you and me let a big range of users debts for Distributed dinners or taxis with help of messengers. Users can debit their Facebook crypto wallet with a payment. one-time transaction fee, so that they can receive tokens from them. Blockchain course becoming a backbone for payments that will grow engagements with the messenger. In the meantime, it implements cryptocurrency to let fans for sending micro payments to creators like game streamers and video stars. Facebook recently launched its virtual currency called Facebook stars.


In this year Facebook is going to rock in the world of Business Transactions. Billions of Facebook users going to be benefited by Facebook stable coin. By Facebook crypto wallet you can get many ways to make money online.

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