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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
Factors that will Improve Python Growth

Python achieved a substantial popularity, it is a fast-growing technology. Some programming languages are more popular, and others not that much. Stack Overflow is a popular website. It provides the latest trends in a programming languages. According to Stack Overflow, Python reaches a 456-growth in last year. Yes, it's correct. Stack Overflow provides a reasonable indicator of trends in a programming languages. Monthly, 40 million visitors come to this site. In those visitors, 16.8 million visitors are professional developers and university students. Python is a most visited programming language on Stack Overflow. From this blog, I can explain factors that will improve Python Growth.

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Some companies like IBM, Netflix use Python. Dropbox also created by the same. A question naturally follows, why Python is most popular and why companies going with Python. We can use Python for many purposes like mobile development, web development, DevOps, Data Science. If we want to reduce our time to do the task from 3 hours to 30 minutes. You think that impossible, not anymore simply go through Python. The thing is, with Python we can reduce the development time example: JAVA. This is called the power of the Python.

Factors that will Improve Python Growth

Every Data Science learner, should have knowledge on Python. Having knowledge of Python is important for Data Science developer. Not only for Data Science, Python can use in DevOps. Python became sudden fame in app development. However, it's a fact, that app development market just got "Pythonized". Here some reasons why is Python increasing adoption and popularity?

Most of the people take the wrong decision to enter in a field which is not in demand at present day. Python is a most demand programming language for both future and present. People who want to learn a trending technology, go with Python. Simultaneously It is a demanding language. The number of Python enthusiasts will not be descending.

Secondly, Python is a flexible language. Python is a multipurpose language for several tasks such as web development, DevOps, and Data Science. As an illustration growth will come to the most popular Python packages. To Enumerate Stacks Overflow very clearly indicates that pandas are far the fastest growing Python package. Consequently this point clear that rise of Data Science is a coming from the growth of Python as a programming language.

Factors that will Improve Python Growth

Finally, Machine Learning no separate language for this one. But, according to characteristics of different languages, that can do Machine Learning. In those choose the better language which is best that will fulfill their needs. According to IBM, Python is the most popular language for Machine Learning. In particular machine learning, they are some important tasks. Like the process, define, clear, extract, arrange, and understand the data and implement algorithms. For these tasks, Python is the best solution. Because easy to understand and imagine that everything exists around you in data. And it's unstructured, raw, vast, and incomplete. For above all those issues Python is the best option.

Libraries & packages driving python usage

Data Science Libraries:

These are powerful libraries


In particular pandas is an open-source, Python with pandas can be used in various fields. It is a software library written for the Python programming language for data analysis. To illustrate It is a BSD license-free software under three-clause.


Specifically NumPy is a package in Python used for Scientific computing. It is used to perform different operations. It is used to add support for multidimensional arrays and matrices, at the same time, we can store the same data type in each column.


Generally Matplotlib is a 2D library for a Python programming language and it produces quality figures. These figures in a variety of hard copy formats and interactive environment. Python is now a trend, no doubt about it. In trust it is easy to learn, guys start your programming journey with Python in Onlineitguru. Finally, I think you people may get some idea of Factors that will Improve Python Growth.

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