Features and benefits In Dot Net
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Dot net is a software framework . It is  developed by Microsoft. Dot Net  primarily runs on Microsoft Windows. It is  released on  13 February 2002.Its current version is 4.7.2 .Dot  net  have  a  large library .It  also  provides  language  inter-operability. Inter-operability  refers   to  capability of  two different  languages to interact with same  data structure. Here  you will learn about  Features  and  benefits in  Dot net. You can also learn more about Dot net in Dot Net  Online Training .

Important features in  Dot net

Easy  development of web application

 Dot net uses for developing applications.  We can deploy in Windows, Linux and Mac Operating systems. Asp.Net is a technology available in Dot net  Platform. By using this technology You can build dynamic and data-driven  Applications. Microsoft Azure helps for deploying any applications. ASP Dot Net Provides advanced user interface elements. It will help to save to write a lot of coding.  

OOPS Support

OOPS, stand s for Object-Oriented Programming Language. Dot net provides a fully  Object Oriented Environment. So developers can write the code easily and simple. Features and benefits In Dot Net

Multi-Language support

One of the main advantage in DOT  Net is Multi-Language support. If you have skills in C++  You can Mould to Dot Net. Currently, there are four languages in Dot net. They are  Visual Basic.Net, C#, J Script NET and Managed C++. Many vendors are working on developing other languages. Even though the syntax is different for languages. But they can easily Mould to  Dot Net. Features and benefits In Dot Net

Automatic Memory Management

While developing applications developers have to focus on resources like memory.

Memory leakage is the main reason for the failure of any applications. The great advantage in Dot net is memory handling is on its own. The Garbage collector will take care of freeing unused objects. Features and benefits In Dot Net

This can be done at appropriate intervals.

Asynchronous via a sync/await

ASP  Dot Net supports for utilizing Asynchronous programming patterns. It is implemented in all. Net framework classes & third party libraries. Most of the  application developers spend more time for database queries. They also spends on CPU cycles, web service calls etc.

There  is reason for  choosing ASP Dot net.ASP Dot net is faster because of its Asynchronous patterns. And with its  New MVC and Kestrel Frameworks.Features and benefits In Dot Net

Unified MVC  and Web  API  Frame Works

Before ASP   DOT Net,  Developers uses only  MVC and Web  API frameworks. MVC stands for model view controller. MVC uses for creating web applications to serve HTML. Web  API uses for creating restful services using JSON.

With ASP DOT Net, MVC  and Web API  have been merged together. And MVC can also return JSON Data instead of HTML. This simplifies Development for developers in  Dot Net.  

Multiple Environments &  Development  Mode

One of the Best features is the New Environment feature. It allows you to differentiate parts of your code easily.

 Self Hosted Web Applications

Sometimes you need an application that will deploy only in desktop. So It is possible by using ASP Dot Net Profiler, Prefix. hence Its Front End is all HTML and loads ASP.Net  Application in the window. Another feature in Dot Net is Web application is essentially a console application.

Action  Filters

Dot Net is the support for extensible filters. Filters in Dot net use for error handling and authorization process.


Dot net Platforms are safe and secure for enterprise applications. so, some of the Features are type safety, code access security and role-based authentication. These make Dot Net Applications more  Robust and secure.  


ASP Dot Net is a Nice upgrade. In this post, some of the features are highlighted .make aware of these features. And  You can also learn more on Dot Net in  Dot Net  Online Training.

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