We are seating in a world where data is increasing exponentially. This exponential increment of data cannot be handled by the traditional databases. Therefore, we need some large databases like Data warehouses, which can handle this exponential amount of data. Even though these data warehouses can handle this exponential we need to see the insights of data that we were experiencing today. These insights were helpful in analyzing the past and predict the future. Therefore, we need a tool, which gives best insights of your business. There are many tools, which gives best insights of the data in the market. Among them, Tableau is the best tool. Do you think Why Tableau is the best?  What makes tableau as the best BI? Today in this article, I will let you know the financial status of the tableau.

Before going to what is meant by tableau? Let me explain to you what is meant by Business Intelligence tool?

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Business Intelligence is a type of software application, which is designed to retrieve analyze and transform the data.  This helps in analyzing the future of the business

Tableau is a BI tool, which is available in two different forms of desktop and server. This tool helps in analyzing the future of the business. Since its launch, it has been releasing various updates by adding new features to the existing features. Recently it has releases the data prep, which is used to clean the data and then integrate the data from various places. This update has been recently launched in the market, which saves more time for the analyst. With the invent of this, they not only save the time but also reduces the manpower. These recent updates make more customers attracted to the customer. Along with this update, we need to see the financial status of the tableau.

The financial status of the tableau:

A financial status plays a major role in deciding the future of the business .through this; the business people (investors) can think whether to spend more (or) not.

This tableau has created a sensation in the IT market. According to the latest update. This software usage is going to use enormously. It has estimated it would like to have $212 to $222 in its first quarter, which is considered to have an average growth of 9% over the previous quarter. This company customer base has increased 8x times over which is around 70000 in Q 4. Recently, it has been updated that, tableau online has been coming into existence which was recently being used by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Moreover as mentioned above, they have released the data prep. Along with this, they have revealed the special offerings for subscriptions, with this, they supposed to have some more increment in users.Financial status of the tableau

Recently, they have invented the interactive dashboards, which helps in knowing the future of the business. Through this; they have a clarity regarding the future of the business and can have a chance to decide the future of the business. Moreover, this tool is being adopted not only by the Indian market. Also, the American markets were very much interested in using the tool. This tableau share has contributed to 31% in the international markets.

With all this great features and interest towards the cloud-based tool, the tableau is offering two products like tableau online and Tableau. These two products were launched in order to capitalize on the demand. Moreover, these two products have an equally high demand in the market since its launch and high demand in the IT industry.

Along with the above-mentioned features, they are some more additional which were unknown to us. These were unknown to us because the tool has great hidden tools and has high demand in the IT industry. So my dear readers know completely on tableau from OnlineITGuru through Tableau online Course Hyderabad.

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Project Manager

Data  Analysts

Non-BI professionals


It’s better to have a basic knowledge on analyzing and maintaining the data for implementation purpose. In practical no, Programming skills were required to learn this course.  It’s good to have knowledge of the use of Excel or the worksheets to understand the entire design of Tableau. Trainers will train you if don’t have a knowledge of Excel

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