How Big data is impacting Social Media

Social Media is one of the greatest platforms to connect and interact with people.  With the invent of Social Media people able to connect their friends (or) relatives even if the basic information like Contact number (or) physical address it. They think this would be safer placed rather than personal devices like Laptop/ Desktop. But do you think where do all these data stores? Also, can you imagine the amount of storage required to store all these data?  The answer is big data. This Big data has a tie-up with social media. Do you know how Big data is impacting Social Media? All the data that were are viewing in Social Media is due to Big Data.

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As everybody knows today more than 75 % of the people, uses Social Media. In Social media, we do have several platforms. One among many social media platforms in today’s world is Facebook.  Today, technology has changed the society in such a way like . percentage of people with a Facebook account is more than the percentage of people with a voter card. And it also has become a storage place to save all those data like Pictures, images on social media platforms. Additionally, it also helps the marketing people in analyzing the number of visitors to the particular website/product.

How Big data is impacting Social Media?

And one of the more interesting fact of this social media platforms is that we can also analyze the likes and dislikes of the person. This is very much helpful for brand promoters / Social media marketers, to estimate the reach of the particular product. Additionally, this big data is helpful to predict to sales of the future using the past selling data. (some people may buy the product by seeing the add in the Social Media). So for the E-commerce website, big data and Social media analytics play a major role. This is because, through this analysis, they can predict the type of product that most of the customers show interest. It means, through this big data, the investor can estimate the budget that he should start for the launch of new products.How Big data is impacting Social Media

Let me explain you with the example of Facebook big data analytics :

Decision making :

For doing any business decision plays a major role. This is the root of the business. if the decisions have not taken properly. it leads to unexpected results. And the owner must plan for the launch of new product w.r.t to the sales fo similar product that has been launched earlier. And it has a high requirement / high likeness of the product, he can invest more than the previous to expect the good sales of the product. While doing campaigns of Social media platforms like Facebook big data technologies were very helpful in the likes and dislikes of the products. we are discussing How Big data is impacting Social Media

Product Insights :

For an e-commerce business, Insights plays a major in the business. It is useful in determining the age group of people liked a particular product (or) services. Moreover, it is very specific in giving the elaborate details of location, gender, timing etc.  So this the owner can launch a particular product when the expected traffic Is maximum. Due to such great features, many researches say big data marketing google.

Effective campaign :

When a new product has launched into the IT market, today most of the people use big data and social media to reach the maximum number of people.  Using big data can analyze the amount of the people would like the product. And they can bid more for the effective campaign on different social media platforms like Facebook.

Hope with these you have get an idea of how big data is impacting social media .Likewise, there are many other linkups between big data and social media. And it is becoming necessary to learn big data..So get the best training on big data through Big data hadoop online course

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