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Today, you and I are going to discuss, about our Tableau and Amazon. How the relationship between this two technologies has become that much strong. Okay we already know about tableau, it is a Business Intelligence Tool and If we go for AWS it is a Cloud-Computing platform. In our blog How can we Tie friendship Band Between Tableau and Amazon Redshift.

So, my dear, Amazon is having another platform, that is Amazon Redshift, it is an internet Hosting Service and data ware House. So how to expect that Amazon Redshift and tableau can work with Each other?

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Yes, we can expect! How?

I will script here see, technically Amazon Redshift and Tableau software are two fantastic technologies with updated analytics Tools. By combination of this two technologies. We get solutions from a data warehouse and Analytical Answers that allows businessmen to analyze their Data reports by running Trillions of rows with Hi-Speed.

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How can we Tie friendship Band Between Tableau and Amazon Redshift

With the guidance of Amazon Redshift, you can make big scalable, cloud-based data warehouse in a span of two to three clicks.

In particular, Here you and I will get, Practical Reaction of Tableau. You can get Insights from that data just as simple as drag and Drop.

Generally Tableau from Base it makes a relationship with redshift for updated Speed, Elasticity, and measurability, for showing results from months to seconds.

By the Energy of AWS Redshift and Tableau. You and I can analyze huge amounts of data at the speed of light.

Ok friend Till now, you and I have discussed the Importance of Tableau and Redshift.

Now with your Interest, we can go further important Topics of Tableau.

Firstly I want to discuss with you about spectrum. Spectrum a bunch of different colors, as we can see on a beautiful rainbow.

Generated by separation of the different components of light by their degrees of refraction according to their own wavelength.

So this is about spectrum.

Redshift is having a Spectrum that was supported by Tableau. If you watch the below Image you will get the Idea how it works.

Spectrum/Online IT Guru

The method how it works my friend in this way….

Therefore I am making use of the following pipeline to include the process and analyze data with the Help of tableau on an AWS stack Flow.

In this Instance, if we take New York city Taxi dataBase as the main data.

The Dataset was holding 9 years of, taxi rides data which includes, pick and drop. And However dollars paid type. That was snapshotted in 1.2 trillion records.

So, friend the data situated in S3. In addition It is purified and separated via Amazon EMR and converted in columns way by the analytical optimized way.

Raw Data

Note here dude, you can show Tableau to the raw data in S3 ( Via Amazon Athena) and Accessing the Purified data with Tableau by Presto in our Amazon EMR cluster.

By the way why? Do you want to make use tableau, early in the pipeline? Why means sometimes you and I want to discover, As an illustration some Questions profit of Asking.

Before you are going to start the analysis.Once you and I discover those, questions and make the confirmation if this way of sorting analysis, has a long-term Benefits.

The pipeline is user-Friendly, it can be automated and optimized, by adding new data sets as fast as it, arrives. By that, you can go with the methods and People that need it.

You might want this data sets to transfer to an Extraordinary performance “Hotter” layer for repeating Access.( Amazon redshift or a tableau Extraction).

As we can see above, S3 has the Raw, reading performance Improved taxi Ride dataset, at Timing level of a measurable set. Most Important It is the truth table. Similarly Amazon Redshift has the period measurements, my friend.

That measurement is partitioned by year, Month, and Date. Along with taxi zonal Information.

So, my techie, we came to know something about redshift and Tableau Till now.

Let’s Imagine if you and I had like to know. when and where to taxi, pickups, had got placed.

Not to mention On certain date, with the support of our Amazon spectrum. However We can join the S3 tables with Amazon redshift measurements.

The Following Image explains Clearly about that.

Yellow Cab/Online IT Guru

So, finally `my dear, this is somewhat about tableau and Amazon Redshift, for more Info Follow Tableau training

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