How can we Design offline Android Application
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If you designed a great app and tested it, you came to conclusion that your app was ready to implement. If your clients usually want them to operate with good internet connection means? We cannot down the client’s expectations on your apps. Clients expect the apps should work fast and responsible. From so many days Google is telling that 30 % of the smart phone operators. Will go way from your app that which do not satisfy them. We have another disadvantage, website loading time. Especially How can we Design offline Android Application.

Generally We have one best method to improve the user experience by cache data. You can implement memory cache from Android training. But you will lose your data when you app, terminated by operating system. By a simple technique you can overcome this problem by fixing continuous web requests. It designs latest issues. What happen when same Data provided from another method request. The app will show non-stop data. That will be good and friendly user experience.

How can we Design offline Android Application:

Here we use Android components with Room to answer this type of problem. If you not same with AAC. Room offer an abstraction phase that Sq Lite to accept same type of Data base. This will accessed by producing total power of Sq Lite. Apps that which manage non important of Designed Data that will benefit mostly continuing the Data in local. The common implementation of use case that to get cache that, related to some points of Data. That method when your gadget do not access network. The user still browse content when they in offline mode. If your client or user started content modifications then synchronize this server when Device back to online. As a matter of fact it says How can we Design offline Android Application.

Core framework:-

Offline apps contains core framework, this will offer guidance for implementing with Raw SQL content. Even though this method of API. Much powerful and low level and needs best deal with time period and some efforts to implement. We do not have compilation period for raw SQL queries. For example When your Data graph modifies, you should update the affected SQL Queries in a manual process. This type of process known as time taking process or error process how can we Design offline Android Application. You have to implement so much section of scripting to change SQL queries. And Java Data objects to android app development course


For the most part Room will take some care about this functions for some time implementing .An abstraction layer on Sq Lite. We have three major type of components in Room.DOA, this component shows section or Interface it has Data Access object. DAO the major component of room and is responsible for Defining the ways to access the database. The section commented with Database and it should contain as abstract and it contain zero arguments and it come back. The section that commented with @Dao how we Design offline Android Application when producing script at can compile time. Room designs an implementation of the section android app offline mode.


In the first place Entity shows component section and catches Database row. Data base table created to catch items. Database, you can implement this component to design a database holder. The Comment Defines sequence of entities. Section content will define sequence of Data Access objects in Database and main source point for underlying connection. The commented section known as abstract section that which extend Room Database.

Consequently In old version of app we use easy version of implementation. In the next part we will see at implementation of Network bound section. In the meantime As we have seen before App Deign based on old document. Singularly We extend the repository method by adding a latest Data source which cam known as Cache the data. Finally all the above concepts explains How can we Design offline Android Application.

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