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We can check the quality of code in many methods. By improving code quality, by checking the defects and problems in code. Making a good style guides and linters will improve the Python software code quality. Here we will discuss How can you check quality of Python code.

Python is a language, which gives freedom to Programmers.How can you check quality of Python code

Therefore, in our blog “How can you check quality of python code” we will discuss the following.

  1. Code quality
  2. Methods to improve code quality
  3. Methods to check code quality

Code Quality

We know about google search, it uses many methods for defining the code quality. So we can identify the quality of code in 3 ways,

  1. it will do what it want to do
  2. Do not contain defects or problems
  3. it should be easy to read and maintain

Why code Quality considered, above we have seen three code identifiers. Now we will see what if the code does not meet the above requirements.

The code do what it not supposed to do, meeting the targets is the main process of any product. We design a software to create something, at the end if the software does not work with, high quality. In addition, it does not catch your requirements, and then we can call the code as low quality code.

If the code has defect and issues in it, if you are using a product, not work properly, creates many problems. Then you will not call it as a quality product. You may also stop utilizing it.

For example, if you are processing data with your TAB for daily basis. It works properly, when you want to process the data more than TAB, then we need a computer to process, Big data.

So the same thing, that we want to avoid in our code. If we write code for small working process. When we give high-end input to that code. The code do not operate with that high-end input.

If the code is not easy to maintain or handle, if you design app and delivered it to your customer. After some days, if he ask you to add, new feature to, it. Therefore, you have to start writing the code again. While writing the code, if it is easy, you can write the code, if it is complex, you get tough problems to handle it.

Methods to improve code quality

We have code style guides, to improve the code quality.How can you check quality of Python code

What are style guides?

In past, this style guides known as tabs or spaces.

A Style guide shows you to write a code in a consistent way.  In complex this all know, as treatment, and it not change the logic output of the code. If we use this, this will avoid some common logical issues. This will make the code easy to read and handle.

As soon as python code examples goes, we have well good standards. We have some sources that show the paths for code. It simply common thing for code to go through the style guide.

Now we will see what linter is. When we write a python sample programs, you may write some mistakes, and may not catch them up all time. Mistakes like miss tabbing, we forget closing bracket, mistype a variable name.

For example, many editors and IDE’s have the capacity, to run linters in back-end, as you type them. This will show output of architecture, which is capable of recognizing the problem areas in code before you operate it. When we write content, we make use of spell-checker tools. In the same way, linter is just like updated spell checker for Python libraries. To get in-depth knowledge on Python Programming, you can enroll for live Python Training by OnlineITGuru with 24/7 support and lifetime access

What Linter will do, it detect the code and various types of lint. This type of categories can defined as follows.

Methods to check your code

For checking your code, you have few methods.

  • When you write
  • Before you check your code
  • While running the tests

Now we will go with First one when you write. You can make use of linters to write the code. While configuring your environment, you have to take some extra work. It hardly a matter of discovering the plugin, for your own IDE.

Linting for few editors




VS Code

Sublime Text

Before you check your code

If you are well familiar with Git. Git hooks starts your linters before linters get started. Other type of systems have same methods to run the program. You can implement the methods, to end any latest code that do not meet the quality of standards.

While running the tests

If you want you can place, linters in what type of systems. You may implement for non-stop Integration. The linters start-up to fail the Design, if script does not meet quality standards.

So this is all about, the quality of code. I explained some methods, that Referred by some Programmers. In upcoming blogs, we will discuss, more about code quality. If you have any queries. OnlineITGuru team is always there to help you.

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