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Devops is a combination of two words namely development and operations.  It means that in order to complete the project the development team. Must integrate with operations in order to deliver the project to the end user within the desired period of the end user. This powerful DevOps platform makes fit for IT operations. That we doing today and Azure the best cloud computing service provider in providing all the IT Services. That required for the project. These two provided by different vendors. But there is some connection between them. Today we see How Devops became helpful to Microsoft Azure.

Before going to see their connection, let us have a look at what is Infrastructure as a code?

Infrastructure as a Code (IAC) :

Generally Infrastructure as a code (IAC) is a type of IT Infrastructure, that operations  team manage the code rather the manual process.  It sometimes referred as programmable infrastructure. The concept of IAC is similar to programming scripts which automate manually written process. Basically, scripts written to automate manually written process in which a certain piece of code will executed by multiple times.   But the term IAC will change  in a different way. Here certain piece of code will executed multiple numbers of times. By making the changes to the scripts slightly.  Here the automaker should have the knowledge of code where he needs to change and what does the output must come. IAC uses a high level or descriptive language to code more versatile language and adaptive processing and deployment process. The workflow of IAC is shown below :

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For example, the IAC coded with Ansible, an It is a configurations and management tool where it can install the MYSQL server to verify that it run properly. And serves in creation of user accounts, management of new accounts, setting up a new database,  deletion of repeated databases and so on. Through this, Operations team perform some code automation rather than depending on the developer.

Now let’s have an overview of how Devops became helpful to Azure.

IAC the major concept used in integrating devops with Azure.  It includes the following points:

Azure automation:   As we know that Azure uses various tools in order to complete the project.  One the many tools that it uses in its Cloud environment is Devops which basically used to automate the process.  Devops powerful automation makes work easier and smarter and reduces manual work that needs to done by developers.

Desired State Configuration:  Every environment has its own configuration by default. Some default configuration my satisfy end user requirements whereas some do not. In order to overcome that problem Azure environment designed in such a fashion. Where the end user switch to desired state configuration as per their requirement in the IAC.

ARM templates:  Here ARM stands for Azure Resource manager templates. Customized template created in Azure environment, where the users can customize template and deploy in Azure cloud environment. The declarative code does not have any deployment information, but rather it contains end state of the targeted environment. Moreover, after deployment, you have an ability to modify and update them in a controlled and predictable way to apply a version control to your infrastructure.

Benefits of IAC:

     Especially Usage of declarative files

     Self-documented systems and processes

     Version Control

     Immutable Infrastructure

    Small changes in code rather than batches

    Agile and high availability of services.

Because of above features and facilities, offered by IAC. Great adaptability of devops in different environments, devops adopted easily in any cloud environments.

Recommended Audience:

Software developers

ETL developers

Project Managers

Team Lead’s


Nothing prerequisites required to pursue Azure Cloud computing. It’s good to have knowledge of basic Concepts of oops concepts and databases like MySQL and server like Apache Tomcat. OnlineITGuru teaches you from basics if you don’t have knowledge of those concepts.

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