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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
How does JVM Save memory?

In programming languages like Java, memory plays a major role for the developers. Because in order to run a project, we cannot exactly predict the lines of Java code does it contain? Moreover, it also not a static piece of code. As per client requirements, the length of the code varies. If the length of the code decreases as per client requirement, it does matter. Memory utilization comes to a point when there is an increment of code length exponentially. So in this context, we need to save memory. Then how does the java programmer saves the memory? The answer is simple, he just uses JVM in order to save the memory. Today, in this article, ill let you know how does JVM save memory.

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JAVA is considered to be best programming languages for all kinds of developers like freshers and experienced. Even after the two decades of its arrival, its importance in the It industry has not decreased. The java developers have invented in such a way like, even after 2-3 decades, its importance would not be decreased. Even after the invent of popular programming languages like Python its importance is not decreased, because of it's inbuilt some software programmes like JVM.

How does JVM Save memory :

In the olden days, developers used to write the code for the specific platform. Moreover, the code fails if the platform changes. So we need a solution to solve this problem. Get the solution by reading the article How does JVM save memory.

Before going to know how does JVM saves memory, let me introduce you what is JVM

JVM stands for Java Virtual Machine. Basically, JVM is a software program whose purpose is to execute the other software programmers in its environment. The JVM primarily has two functions namely: platform independent (code can be run on any operating system . i.e WRITE ONCE, RUN ANYWHERE) and memory optimization. Technically

             JVM is the specification for a software program that executes the code and provides the real-time environment for its execution

When developers talk about JVM it basically means that, the environment that the code runs and the memory that it consumes. today, many developers adopt this JVM as officially in order to complete their tasks completely.  And next have you ever think, how does JVM save memory.How does JVM Save memory

In olden days, people used to delete the variables, in order to save memory. Before days, the technology was not up to this extent as we have. So the programmers usually delete the memory manually. But today, as the technology goes on, the requirements of the clients have also increased. So the length of the code that the developers need to writes has also increased. Proportionally, after its usage, the amount of variables that needs to be deleted has also decreased. But as days pass on, we need a person who needs to delete a code if there is no requirement, in such cases, we need an automatically variable remover, which removes the variables if there is no usage from that variable. In such cases, garbage collector saves that problem, by removing the  variable which further did not require automatically

Basically, this JVM has three parts namely :


This component describes the specification highlights, in order to maximize the creativity.


Implementing the  specific results in order to achieve the specific  task is called implementation

Instance :

After JVM developed the product and released in the market, it can be easily downloadable and run it as a program. This downloadable program is simply called as an Instance.

Moreover, this JVM has some more additional features which cannot be explained in a single instance. So get a complete picture of JVM from OnlineITGuru through JAVA online Course Bangalore.

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Prerequisites :

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