As we mentioned in the previous blog, advance MSBI is categorized into three services namely SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS. As we have discussed the first two topics in the  previous articles of the blog,  let us  know the importance of SSRS  and  its role in MSBI

Before going to know about SSRS let us know what is meant by Data Visualization?

Data Visualization :  

Data  Visualization is defined as the pictorial representation of data.It enables the decision makers to analyze the past behaviors of the data, takes some steps for the welfare of the company and predicts the analysis of the future. A good data analysis is responsible for the good growth the company. With this interactive visualization and using the technology, we can drill down data into charts and graphs. With the concept of data visualization, it allows the visual access to huge amounts of data in easily digestible values.  Some of these  Data visualization tools are Power BI, Tableau, QlikView, Spark, R and many more.

Among those Microsoft, SSRS has its own importance. Let us discuss in detail :

SSRS stands for SQL Report services is a  feature included in the SQL server 2008 product. SSRS is used to design, develop, deploy and test reports. Moreover, this reporting contains  Business Intelligence development Studio tool which was integrated into it. This SSRS contains mainly three components namely  Data Bases, Windows  Service and Report Designer. Let us discuss each of them in detailed.

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Databases: This reporting server uses two SQL server databases namely  Report server and Report server temp DB by default.  The variation among these two databases is that Report server database is used to contains tables used to store reports data sources, snapshots subscriptions etc. It is a repository for reporting the application data. The SQL Server Temp DB storage is used to store the temporary storage needs in the database.  These two databases will be created automatically when you allow the MYSQL server to be installed automatically on the server. Otherwise, the user can customize the database as per their convenience.sss

Windows Service: In this component, the main functionality of the  Reporting service is implemented. The following were the components of the Windows  Service :

     The  HTTP Listener s a new feature which  does not require an Internet Information System (IIS)  where the early version of the reporting services is required

msbi online course from hyderabadThe browser-based interface is provided by the Resource manager which is built using an ASP.Net application for the management of report services.

      core services for reporting services are provided by the Background process.

    Report manager, web service and Background processing each was implemented as separate domains

Before going to know about Report Designer, let us a quick overview of what is meant by BIDS?

      BIDS is a tool used to develop reports which provide an intuitive interface based on the  Microsoft visual  Studi product which was developed by developers many years ago. This bid has been used to create a nice advance in User Interface for designing, developing and testing reports. BIDS was used as an inbuilt tool in  SQL  Server 2008.

Report Designer: This report designer provides a capability to design, develop and deploy the reports. It is a developer-centric tool called  Business Intelligence development studio (BIDS ) which comes with inbuilt from SQL server 2008. This version of BIDS has an updated and intuitive interface where many graphs and charts were used for enhanced visualizations.

The BIDs paradigm for developing reports is based on the concept of packages and solutions. A project is basically a type of container such as an SSRS reports  SQL server Integration reports. Projects were used to organize the things in a  meaningful way. A solution is a container which contains the data from multiple packages. Here the package refers to the data from different departments like sales, HR, Finance and so on.

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