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It seems very different how two different things interrelated. But it happens. It good if the person have a position where the device located. But in this current world, we were not sure that the operator and device will be in the same place. In such situations, IOT came into existence. Basically, IOT stands for Internet of things where the end user operated the different things and controls the mechanism of several things that we have today from the remote location. This operation of devices done through a smart mobile nowadays.   The smartphone will be basically of three major operating systems namely: Android, Mac, and windows. Now today, in this article we will discuss how IOT become a part of IOS

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Over the last decade, there is an increase in the usage of Social Media today. The media become a common mode for the means of communication in today’s life. Today about 90 % of the population were using this Social Media.  Using this media as a model of communication business people were targeting their people in order to increase the traffic to the website. The usage of this Social Media has increased drastically over the past years.

The origin of IOT has found with the operational departments like Manufacturing, transportation, health care, Finance.This combination of reduced size,  lower cost, and increased power services has enabled the penetration of smart enabled devices in the market. The IOT is applicable in following areas as shown below:ios online course from bangalore

In this current world, the Internet became the common thing in everyone’s life.  It has been all around us.It may be cars, homes, hospitals and additionally, wearable like Fitness bands and digital was the most common thins in now – days. And the next thing that we are going to have a look at the emergence of driver less cars in a short span of time completely (as it has already in existence in few places). And recently people were planning to have an answer for the problem in future that would occur in the future?

This IOT provides the customer experience effectively in today’s life. It plays a major role in business – business communication. It expects that its customers were expected to cross 1.9 billion by 2020.  Rather than turning the things into, the  SDK file is designed to create easy –to use native IOS apps which works prefix with IoT data from industrial sensors ranging from wind turbines to power plants and jet engines.

Here is the list of agenda  for the IOT in the coming years :

As we know Teleco industry is an old perspective on capital investment and revenue and revenue sharing. So here IOT demands a new ecosystem totally. And moreover, the quantum of sustainability provided by the telecom industry is not sufficient. And the mobile operators need to provide the quantum of sustainability for those operators.

A new approach is necessary for considering the regulatory and policy paradigms in order to enable the IoT world. Data security and cross-border movement the opening up new questions for the new questions which were yet to defined.

5G technology doesn’t have capital investment and revenge story. The next step is to define the new architectural model and enabling the network to figure out the cost of implementation and revenue case.

 The implementation of 5G technology will happen either through the building of the entire network (or)  follow the gradual path of 4 G generation and installation of base stations at the edge.

How much of data will be processed at the edge of network vs? The core is not yet defined. However, the balance will be key in determining the how much capital investment does the telecom operators should be committed to 5G  rolling out.

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