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In this Current  IT world, data will not be coming from the single source. The data that we were experiencing today will not be coming from the single source. It is available from the multiple sources like Industry, Banking, Insurance, Hospital and many more. The data from these major sources will be coming in data forms, i.e data is in structured from (or ) semi-structured form. Big data integrates this data (different forms) if an organization has several departments. Today, every organization using this Big data in order to know its previous successes and also make some analysis for the future. Each industry uses this big data in different forms, let’s discuss how Big data is used in Business industry.

Contact with Customers: In these modern days, many people buy their products through online.  They even the demand the sellers regarding their needs through social media or through the seller portal.  This, in turn, makes the sellers understand the customer requirement which will, in turn, helps the sellers to increase their business.

 When a customer enters the bank, the clerk asks his /her account number.Through this, he tracks the previous services he availed from the bank and the clerk can serve the latest services that were available to that particular customer.
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Redevelopment of products (or) Services: Business people usually ask the feedback regarding their products (or) service.   With their feedback, they usually redevelop the service (or) product so as to satisfy the customer’s needs and increase their business needs.   The greater advantage of this is, it allows the sellers to analyze their business based on the region, gender, age and many more factors. This allows raising the productivity and efficiency of the various production process.

Trend Identification: Trends plays a  major role in the business. This trend identification allows spotting and monitoring behavior patterns which things were heading and also how trend it is in the current world.  Now Big data is mostly working on identifying the trends of the customer. Today major trending things were being posted on major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They were the major source of the customer needs.  By this, they can also analyze what is the outdated thing and what is trending.   Moreover, they can also get to know about the things like Which kind of people were willing to buy a particular product and so on.

OnlineITGuru explains the most trending things through Big data Hadoop online training.

Data Safety: Every company has some data that is confidential like credit and debit card information and some other financial information for ensuring the data safety.  This  Big data tool allow you to map the data across the globe safely. With this information, you can make the data safe in an appropriate manner and store according to the organization requirements.

Fraud Detection: Occurrence of Fraud id becoming common now – a- days.  This led to the loss of business in certain cases. This fraud may occur may occur in any form at any time which was unpredictable. These analytics used to process the medical information easily and rapidly so the make decisions faster and efficient. This fraud detection can be explained well with the following example

In Food and Drug Administration, big data is applied so as to study and detect the patterns of the food-related illness and Diseases. This allows the faster response when an suspicious activity is happening so as to decrease the death rate. To preserve the organization Big Data will fallow the different restrictions of Homeland security.

To uses  this Big Data in many other field/industries, you  need to

  • Understand the characteristic of each technology
  • Match the needs with your own capabilities and solutions
  • Familiarize your self with industry with the industry requirements
Recommended Audience :

Software developers

ETL  developers

Project Managers

Team Lead’s


In order to start learning Big Data has no prior requirement to have knowledge of any technology required. To learn Big Data Hadoop and also need to have some basic knowledge of java concept.It’s good to have a knowledge of Oops concepts and Linux Commands. Become a Master in Big data Hadoop from OnlineITGuru through Big Data Hadoop online Course.

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