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An Industry contains a huge amount of data where traditional databases cannot handle.  This enormous data which cannot be handled by traditional databases is called Big Data. This bulk amount can be stored and handled by places is called  Data Ware House which is responsible for effective storage and quick retrieval of data. This big data is applied in many different industries.

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Some of them were listed below:

Security Exchange Commision:

It is used to track and manage long-term financial management activity. They usually use Network analysis to track, analyze and monitor illegal financial trade in the market. The industries mainly depend on big data for risk analytics including  Know your customer, fraud mitigation, anti-money laundering,  Know your customer.

Media and Communication:

Since customer expects a rich volume of  media in different formats. Big data used in  different ways  in media and communication industry as follows:

      To create a content for different  targeted audiences

      Produce Content on Demand

      Measure content performance.

     Collecting, analyzing  and utilizing customer insights

     Understanding the patterns of Realtime media usage

The most important application of big data in media and communication is sentimental analysis on matches for TV, Mobile and web users in real time.


The healthcare has a huge amount of data which increases day to day.  Here efficient way of maintaining and bringing the data done using Big data. Therefore  Healthcare contains numerous people and each person may visit the  Healthcare more than once. It’s not good to maintain multiple records for the same person in multiple visits.Instead, it should be should be updated on the same record in different visits. And some must be included in different fields namely fields of diagnosis,  number of doctors attending to that person, change of the patient health when compared to the date of joining and so on…..


In this current world, online education is becoming more common.  The Best application of Big data in Education is online Examination. This gives a clear picture of how much time the candidate spent time on a particular section, particular question etc. It helps the institution /organization for the overall performance of the candidate along with the maximum amount of marks gained by most of the students, areas of subjects the students were gaining and so on.

Banking and Finance section:  

 Big data widely used in banking and Finance section. Most Important the application of Big data in these areas is the suspicious activity of transactions. However Some of them were a misuse of debit cards, credit cards, and custom statics alternation. In the same way they also help in detecting the shopping pattern of customers and also the people tend towards the organization also to increase their customers.


Especially Data is not always across the globe. Most Important It may travel from one place to place through different means of communication. For Instance The mode of communications is any form of Social media architectures.

Some of them discussed below:

The private sector uses big data in traffic management,  intellectual transportation arrangements, direction preparation.

The private sector uses big data in logistics, industrial improvements, income benefit and many more.

Manufacturing and Natural resources:  

As days pass on resources like crude oil, petroleum increased which a challenging task to handle that resource as the volume, velocity, and complexity of data has increased. Similarly, big data allows for predictive modeling to support the decision that utilized to integrate and ingest a huge amount of data from graphical text, geospatial data, and temporal text. Simultaneously Areas of application include seismic interpretation and resoviour characterization.

Insurance Management:

Generally Big data used in the insurance industry to provide customer insights for transparent. Consequently simpler products by analyzing the previous interaction with the customers through data derived from Social  Media,  GPS  enabled devices and CCTV Storage.  For Instance this allows for better customer retention from insurance companies.

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Recommended Audience :

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In order to start learning Big Data has no prior requirement to have knowledge of any technology required. To learn Big Data Hadoop and also need to have some basic knowledge of java concept.It’s good to have a knowledge of Oops concepts and Linux Commands.

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