How is IOT useful in Microsoft Azure
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We all the know that Azure is a powerful platform for providing the cloud services to the people.  It offers services to the people in a highly efficient manner at a low fee. But even though, it provides the services, it is not always possible for the people to utilize the Azure services at a constant place. In such cases, IOT came into picture which allows the user to utilize the services remotely. The major application of IOT is to operate the thing (or) utilization of services remotely instead utilizing (or) operating locally. Today  we will discuss How is IOT useful in Microsoft Azure

The advantages of IOT with Azure shown below :How is IOT useful in Microsoft Azure

This IOT in Azure provides a fully secure, bidirectional cloud services among the devices.These devices will be in terms of millions of devices. And a solution back end. Let us know how it provides with its architecture.


There are some people who use the cloud service for storing the data. Ans we not sure that this data will used by one people .there some situations where there is a need for transfer of data. This data will be transferred to another user depending on the situations. In another case, this data may sent to some other department in order to give presentations to the people. Let  use entirely how it works using the architectural  diagrams of Aure IOTHow is IOT useful in Microsoft Azure

This architecture is dived into three components as seen above. In this article ill let you know each component in detail

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Device Connectivity:

In IOT  architecture, Azure dependent devices typically send telemetry to the cloud for storage and processing of data.  For an instance, consider an example of a predictive scenario which uses the stream of sensor data to determine when a specific pump requires maintenance. Azure dependent Devices also respond to the cloud to devise message by reading the messages from a  cloud endpoint. Moreover,  the solution endpoint may also send messages to the other pumps in the pumping station as well to begin to rerouting stations.  The biggest challenge in IOT is a connection of  Azure dependent devices in a reliable and secure manner. This is a complicated challenge because of the following characteristics :

  • IOT devices often embedded system, where there is no necessity of human being
  • Used in places where the establishment of the human agent is expensive
  • Have limited processing power and power
  • IOT devices can be created using a large set of hardware and software platforms
  • Devices may have intermittent, expensive (or) slow connectivity

Data processing and Analytics :

Today in this modern IT world, data processing may be done either on a cloud-side (or) device side. If the processing happens on the device side,  it called Edge computing. The choice of processing depends upon the following  characteristics :

             Network constraints: The network bandwidth between will not always constant, it varies from time to time. If the network bandwidth limited, it’s better to perform data processing in the device itself rather than the cloud.

          Response Time: There are some situations where there is a need for an immediate response  like Fire Alarm . in this such cases processing will be happening on the Edge computing rather than in the cloud

           Regulatory environment: There would some data where the data should not sent

Presentation and Business Connectivity :

The presentation and Business Connectivity allows the end users to interact with IOT solution and devices. For example the presentations may be helpful to the business people at the time presenting the end report in the form of chart (or ) graph to the end client.  This report can presented to the end people using BI tools like Cognos. Moreover, this report will helpful in determining the growth of the business when they have used the Azure platform and this report would become a platform in order to take a further step for the growth of the business.

Hope my dear readers you people have got a clarity regarding  How IOT  is useful in Microsoft Azure.

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Software developers

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