Cloud Computing is a big word and big platform. Nowadays every application can run using Cloud Computing as well as in future also, every application will run based on Cloud Computing. The reason, why all peoples go with the cloud is to reduce the space and for security purpose. It can provide the space what we required not as very high or very low. Based on our requirement it will work. From this blog, learn How is Salesforce related to cloud computing? you peoples like this blog, share in social media this may be helpful to someone.

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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a technology gives users to access software, files, and servers through the internet devices like smartphones, computers, wearable, and tablets. In past days we can use the hard drive to store and access the data. But now instead of hard drive, we can use the cloud to store and access the data and programs over the internet. It can handle any type of business either bigger or leaner.How is Salesforce related to cloud computing

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services like a database, networking, and servers, via the internet. By using this, end users can access software from wherever they are. While writing a program in the cloud no need to worry about storage and power, simply enjoy and get a result.

Who uses the cloud?

Today, all activities are made by using cloud computing like sending emails, storing files, sharing photos, and streaming films cloud is their everyday lives. It is trans-formative for business. Whether using Private cloud or Public cloud or hybrid of the two, a number of organizations now depend upon the cloud. The companies grew by using cloud-services from 48% in 2010 to 88% in 2017 in the UK. Let’s come to our blog title How is Salesforce related to cloud computing?

How is Salesforce related to cloud computing?

Salesforce is called the first customer relationship platform in nowadays. It helps all size of the business in an understandable manner. It gives a complete understanding information for customers to bring their business in a successful manner. That is the why peoples call it is a Customer Platform. It offers much more applications like CRM, sales, customer service, EPR, business analytics, mobile application building, and so on.

Salesforce has designed for organizations with major staff like Insurance, Banking, and Pharmacy Industry and etc. Let’s see that the term cloud computing and Salesforce have been always mixed up. Here I will list some reasons why:

Salesforce is hosted on virtual networks based on the internet:

We can use the cloud as a base for services such as storing data and hosting our entire system this is called cloud (like Salesforce does). For cloud, Salesforce is the best example, as it’s entire work will be done through the cloud.

Salesforce is in leading:

Salesforce is the first company that offers CRM services through the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model. By using this, a lot of benefits are there like no need to download anything to their local system. All works are completed in connected platform drawing same from the customer data.

what is Salesforce clouding? In the business sector, cloud computing is the recent development. Before cloud came into the market all old business applications are very costly as well as complicated to operate. To run efficiently, we have to obtain some high-end software and hardware, with the help of cloud, we have don’t have to manage all these things because Salesforce would do all these things. All cloud-based apps will run within a few days with less amount compared to old business applications, these process can do by using Salesforce cloud computing. Big companies are coming with Salesforce because of security and reliability purpose. They are some benefits of Salesforce cloud computing are:

All responsibilities are taken by the Salesforce, don’t worry about upgrading the system all things automatically take place. Salesforce provides set of ready-made apps by default in every organization. Along with apps, it provides the communities where the customers/developers can interact with each other to share the knowledge. And they can post the queries related to the development configuration activities.

Salesforce provides a cloud space called as “Appexchange”, which contains collection app’s built by the various organizations / Salesforce developers by using “ platform”. I hope you get an on How is Salesforce related to cloud computing?

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