How is WCF useful in Dot application
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We usually build apps based on the client requirements on various different frameworks. For the purpose of developing applications, we usually use different programming languages like Java, Python and also some other frameworks like Dot net. Even though Dot net framework, there are some other frameworks which can be installed in it. One of them is WCF. Today, in this tutorial, let me explain you How is WCF useful in Dot net application.

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Before going to know what is meant by WCF, let you explain, what is meant by communication and interoperability. A communication is nothing but the interaction between the components within the framework. Moreover, Interoperability is nothing but the sharing the data within the network. Nowadays, we need a framework which provides good communication among different of the components along with interoperability. WCF provides a solution in providing the facilities of all the above-mentioned features.

Basically, WCF  stands for Windows Communication Foundation. This is a great network distributed system provided by Microsoft for communication between the applications. This programming language is accessible in .net-framework 3.0. It can be joined with numerous highlights of Web service, Remoting, MSMQ and Com+ It is an awesome stage for all.Net communication

Usually, this platform provides three components namely

WCF Service

WCF Service host and

Service receiver

Now let me take to the fundamental components of WCF :


This is the communication unit that comprises of several parts apart from the body. For example this message instances will be sent (or) received by various clients in the network for the good communication.

Endpoint :

It is the address where the messages are sent (or) received. It specifies the communication mechanism to describe how the messages will sent across the network. An endpoint usually comprises several components. Let us discuss each one in detail.


It provides the exact location,  to receive the messages as is specified as a Uniform  Resource Locator (URL). In particular It expressed as scheme://domain[: port]/[path].

For example : net.tcp : //Localhost : 9000/Service A

Here net.cp refers to the scheme of the TCP protocol. Not to mention Localhost is the domain which can be a name of the machine (or) web domain and service A is the name of the path.


It defines the way, where does the endpoint communicate It composed of several binding elements which make the infrastructure for the communication. For instance, combing states the convention utilized for transport like TCP, HTTP, the arrangement of message encoding and conventions identified with intelligibility and also security.


It is the gathering of activities which gives the user of the endpoint to the customer. As a matter of fact It usually comprises Interface name.How is WCF useful in Dot application


Generally It refers  to the web benefit facilitating which should be possible through various alternatives like self-facilitating, IIS facilitating, and WAS facilitating

Metadata :

Metadata known as important point of WCF which facilitates the easy interaction between the client application and web service. Usually, this meta information for WCF created naturally when empowered and should possible by the investigation of administration and end focuses.

WCF Client :

A customer application that gets created for uncovering the administration activities as techniques basically called WCF Client. Most Important this can facilitated by any one application, counting the administration facilitating.

Advantages :

It is inter operable with different administrations when compared to.Net Remoting where alternate administrations need to be Dot Net

Especially WCF administrations give better unwavering quality and security when contrasted with ASMX web administrations.

The real preferred standpoint of this WCF is there is no prerequisite composition the extra code for the execution of security.

Furthermore It has integrated logging mechanism, Simultaneously it provides the option of configuration file setting.

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Prerequisites :

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